Alex Jones reveals the name of her baby daughter while breastfeeding live on The One Show.


Alex Jones reveals the name of her baby daughter while breastfeeding live on The One Show.

ALEX JONES appeared on The One Show again on Wednesday evening, this time to reveal the name she and husband Charlie Thomson had named their newborn daughter to BBC broadcasters Jermaine Jenas and Sam Quek.

Alex Jones, the long-serving host of The One Show, returned to the BBC show on Tuesday to give an update on how things have been at home after giving birth at the end of August. Alex returned on Wednesday after refusing to reveal the name of her baby daughter on Tuesday, now that both of husband Charlie’s parents had been notified, to share the happy news with fans.

After Jermaine and Sam had chatted with comic Mo Gilligan, Alex confessed everything.

“Now, we just have time to visit our darling Alex,” Jermaine continued, cutting to Alex. Hopefully, she will inform us -“

“There she is!” Jermaine said as Alex appeared on the screen. Al is a stunning woman.

“Now, Al, you promised us you’d give us a name yesterday. Have you decided on a name for your lovely child?”

“Yes, her name is Annie,” Alex responded.

As Alex grinned from home, the One Show studio erupted in applause, with Sam remarking, “Very cute.”

Alex then joked that The One Show had aired at the same time as her daughter’s feed, saying, “It’s feeding time in the zoo here.”

Jermaine added, “I can imagine.” “That’s just one of them!” says the narrator. What happened to the other two?

He asked, referring to Alex’s other children, “Are they running around are they?”

Alex said, “They’re eating spaghetti bolognese in the kitchen.” “It’s like a zoo here,” says the narrator.

Not wanting to keep Alex for too long, Jermaine swiftly said his goodbyes and thanked his co-host for returning to the show.

“Thank you so much for joining us in the middle of the meal; it means a lot to us. And, please, care after that gorgeous Annie, okay?” Jermaine sat down and signed his name.

Jermaine and Sam’s praise for baby Annie’s wonderful name was echoed by fans at home, with one tweeting: “Annie such a gorgeous name!” #TheOneShow.


A second added, “I’d want to congratulate Alex Jones on her new baby Annie.”

“Aww what a lovely name @MissAlexjones has selected for her newborn girl, Annie is a lovely name @BBCTheOneShow #TheOneShow,” a third said.

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