Alex Jones returns to The One Show one week after giving birth to her daughter.


Alex Jones returns to The One Show one week after giving birth to her daughter.

On Tuesday evening, ALEX JONES made a surprise appearance on The One Show, giving hosts Sam Quek and Jermaine Jenas an update on his life after giving birth earlier this month.

Alex Jones, the host of The One Show, announced to her social media fans on August 24 that she had given birth to her baby daughter. Alex opted to make a comeback just one week after giving birth to talk with stand-in host Sam Quek and regular co-star Jermaine Jenas and offer an update on how things were going after announcing her departure from the BBC show earlier this year to go on maternity leave.

The One Show returned from its summer hiatus with a talk with Alex, who joined Jermaine and Sam via video link from her home.

As Alex emerged on-screen, Jermaine joked, “You’ve done it to us, you’ve brought the baby out.” “Al, she’s stunning.”

Before she explained the BBC show’s all-new appearance, a happy Alex answered, “Thank you.”

“Do you know what I’m talking about? When the titles were playing – and by the way, I really like the new ones on the set with the new lounge, doesn’t it look lovely?

“However, I’m sure she smiled and opened her eyes because she presumably thinks, ‘I’ve heard that music before!’”

“She’ll have to get accustomed to it when you wheel her in here in that stroller and get back to work!” Jermaine joked.

“She’ll have to get used to that music,” he added, laughing: “She is.”

Sam then chimed in to congratulate the new mother on the birth of her daughter before inquiring about her family’s well-being.

“How’s the tiny one doing?” Sam inquired, “She seemed to be quite content there,” to which Alex replied, “We’re doing fine, Sam.” Very well done.

“She arrived effortlessly, she’s little as you can see, and she’s absolutely stunning.

“And she’s just in her sleepy phase right now, but she’s been pretty easy and relaxed so far – let’s hope it continues.”

Alex went on to say that everyone in the family “absolutely adores” the baby, while she admits that coordinating her two-year-old son Kit with the infant is “tricky.”

Alex cautioned co-host Jermaine, saying, “That’s tricky with a baby.” Brinkwire Summary News


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