Aldi vs Lidl: The cheapest supermarket in the UK has been revealed, with Aldi coming out on top by only 18p.


Aldi vs Lidl: The cheapest supermarket in the UK has been revealed, with Aldi coming out on top by only 18p.

Consumer group Which? has named the cheapest supermarket for the month of July. What retailer came out on top?

Consumer group Which? examined the pricing of a basket of 20 products at major stores such as Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Asda throughout July. With such a little gap between discounters, which supermarket was named the cheapest in July?

Aldi may be the greatest option for people looking for a low-cost grocery store.

A basket of 20 items at bargain supermarket Aldi would have cost £23.59 on average, making it the cheapest shop in July.

It was only 18p ahead of Lidl in the race for first place.

Lidl customers would have spent £23.77 on average for a basket of 20 products.

Own-brand items like eggs and cucumber were included in the basket, as well as branded items like Chicago Town pizzas.

Morrisons came in third position with a basket costing £24.46, followed by Asda with a basket costing £24.72.

Sainsbury’s finished in fifth place with a £25.15 basket of items, followed by Ocado at £26.63.

Tesco, unexpectedly, was the second most expensive store this month, with a basket costing £27.06.

When compared to a month ago, Tesco came in fourth place with a basket costing £24.21.

Waitrose came in bottom position with a staggering £31.41 price tag, which meant shoppers would have paid 33% more than if they had shopped at Aldi.

PG Tips pyramid tea bags showed a £1.52 price differential between Aldi and Waitrose, making them one of the most expensive groceries.

Waitrose’s own-label cantaloupe melon was likewise £1.31 more expensive than Aldi’s.

Which? also compares larger retailers with 79 goods every month.

The original 20 were included, as well as 59 more items such as Amoy noodles and Lurpak butter.

Because these branded items aren’t usually available in bargain stores Aldi and Lidl, the two were excluded from the analysis.

The cheapest supermarket was Asda, with a shopping trolley costing £151.22.

This was a saving of £18.28 above the most costly shop, Waitrose, where the cart cost £169.50.

At £154.75, Sainsbury’s came in second, followed by Morrisons at £159.96.

Ocado came in just 11p cheaper than Tesco, at a price of £162.74.

For more than a year, Asda has been the cheapest major supermarket, winning the title. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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