Aldi has launched a Baby Event with Specialbuys starting at 99p.


Aldi has launched a Baby Event, with Specialbuys starting at 99p.

ALDI is bringing back its Aldi Mamia’s January Baby Event and introducing new Specialbuys starting at 99p.

Discover what’s available for newborns and toddlers in this section.

Aldi is celebrating the month of January by reviving its baby event.

Pre-order online now to save money on toys, clothing, accessories, and more.

Aldi is bringing back the Aldi Mamia January Baby Event, this time with even more products.

It’s the best sale for newborns and toddlers, with baby items starting at 99p and going up.

Customers can pre-order everything from bedside cribs and changing bags to strollers and training toilets now online.

Be sure to shop quickly because items will not be restocked once they have sold out!

The Bedside Crib, which is new to Aldi, has an adjustable height to fit any bed and a tilting mode to help with reflux and congestion.

It costs £124.99 and has wheels to make it easy to move around the house.

For £139.98, customers can purchase the Bedside Crib with Crib Sheets.

Mamia also makes baby furniture, such as the Mamia Nursery Cot Bed, Mamia Nursery Furniture Set, and Mamia Nursery Wardrobe, which are only available online.

The Bath andamp; Room Thermometer, which is already popular, is available for £9.99 at Aldi.

It’s the ideal everyday addition for any newborn household, as it can be used in the bath or in the nursery.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support, which is already a best seller, is another popular item.

This product, which costs £12.99, helps newborns feel safe while bathing and turns bathing into a fun activity.

The new Aldi Specialbuy baby items are listed below.

4.49 pound sterling

For £19.99,

11.97 pounds

The price is £9.99.

The price is £14.99.

39.99 pound


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