Aldi customers are raving about a new £2 hand wash that looks remarkably identical to the £27 Aesop version.


Aldi customers are raving about a new £2 hand wash that looks remarkably identical to the £27 Aesop version.

If you prefer Aesop’s premium hand wash but don’t want to pay the high price, Aldi has the right hand soap for you.

The retailer has introduced a new brand of hand wash and lotion for £2.49 each.

When compared to the popular Aesop alternatives, these new budget bargains will save you a whopping 96 percent.

Aromatic Aloe and Aromatic Avocado are two of the sumptuous Lacura perfumes.

“A mild composition infused with essential oils that effectively eliminates bacteria while also moisturizing the skin,” says the description of the aromatic hand wash.

They’re great for cleaning your hands without drying them out, and they smell fantastic!

The hand lotions are ideal for adding a little extra TLC to your routine and revealing silky, smooth skin if you want the whole package.

When compared to the Aesop counterparts, both the hand wash and the lotion cost only £2.49 apiece, saving you a staggering 91 percent on the hand wash and an even bigger 95 percent on the lotion.

The cheap bottles were discovered on TikTok by a beauty junkie, and Aldi consumers have gone crazy for them since.

‘Brand new Aldi Aesop dupes,’ Georgia Baigrie captioned the discount purchases on her Instagram account, ‘georgiabaigrie.’

“Aldi is bringing their A-game with these dupes,” she remarked.

“They’ve just released brand new Aesop dupes that look and smell exactly like the real thing.”

“They’re fantastic.”

“Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm £70 is a fake for Lacura Wellness Aromatic Hand Lotion £2.49.

“Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash £27 is a fake for Lacura Wellness Aromatic Hand Wash £2.49.”

The new Aldi discount bargains are clearly popular with Aldi shoppers, as this video has over 24.5k views.

The video has 741 likes, 18 comments, and 68 shares as of this writing.

“Oh, I’m going tomorrow for these..hope they’re excellent,” one person said, to which Georgia replied, “I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.”

“I’m excited,” said another.

“Can you really imagine spending £27 on a hand wash?” said a third.

“Does Aldi genuinely fake the components as well or just the packaging and scents?” one person wondered. “Packagain, smells, and performance,” Georgia replied. BINGO FABULOUS: GET A £5 FREE BONUS WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A DEPOSIT Online customers are also talking about the bargain bargains. “Beautiful Product – I checked frequently for a couple of days waiting for this new selection to become available since I had a suspicion it would be good quality,” one shopper called Momo remarked.

“I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed.

“It’s really good, and it’s a fraction of the cost of comparable… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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