Alastair Stewart of GB News blames Biden for the UK’s humiliation in Afghanistan.


Alastair Stewart of GB News blames Biden for the UK’s humiliation in Afghanistan.

ALASTAIR STEWART slammed Joe Biden on GB News, claiming the UK has suffered a “brutal” humiliation in Afghanistan as a result of the US.

As he reflected on the withdrawal of US soldiers from Afghanistan, Alastair Stewart launched an attack on Joe Biden on Monday’s Viewpoint. The GB News broadcaster slammed the US President for his “brutal” rejection of both the UK and Europe, while also revealing that he is unsure how the Taliban will rule in the future.

“It’s the eve of President Biden’s departure date from Afghanistan, the end of a 20-year expedition to destroy the terrorists, whose brutal and spectacular attacks on the twin towers on 9/11 humbled the United States,” Stewart said.

“Allies, including ourselves, pleaded for additional time to move more of their own people out to offer freedom and safety to Afghans who perform good work with and for us, as well as hope to other Afghans who prefer refugee status to being a Taliban war pursued enemy.

“Biden’s rejection was harsh and humbling for leaders, including ours.

“It was stark, and it came with a harsh lesson: America has changed.”

“Biden supports Trump’s America First agenda, but with a twist. “Only America.”

“Well, tonight we look at what that implies for the world before complacency sets in with the United Nations, NATO, and the G7,” he continued.

“Now rattled to its core by an America that wields its full weight in the public, and even global, eye.

“Also, what is the Afghanistan that we leave behind in the short term? The seeds of a familiar Civil War sprout in the form of ISIS, suicide bombers attempting to attack an airport, which is under joint Taliban allied control for a few more hours as one group of US service personnel shuffled the last Afghans onto a mighty transport plane, and then themselves, others deep in the Nevada desert.

“ISIS portrays the Taliban as softies, yet they are major players in the region.”

‘Biden backs Trump’s ‘America first’ slogan with a twist of ‘America alone.’

During the Afghanistan crisis, Alastair Stewart claims that Biden’s rejection was “brutal and humbling” for European leaders, including his own.

“There were a lot of people that fought.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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