Alan Titchmarsh warns gardeners about ‘pernicious’ tap-rooted weeds and shows them how to remove them by hand.


Alan Titchmarsh warns gardeners about ‘pernicious’ tap-rooted weeds and demonstrates how to manually weed.

Gardeners should be aware of “pernicious” tap rooted weeds, according to Alan Titchmarsh.

The gardening expert also shared some pointers on how to manually weed between your plants to keep your borders tidy and reduce competition.

If you let weeds grow out of control, they can make a garden look untidy and messy.

In flower beds and potted plants, even small weeds can cause problems.

Alan went over the most dangerous types of weeds, how to get rid of them with little effort, and what to avoid.

This includes perennials with tap roots, such as thistles, and annuals with shallow roots, such as speedwell.

Weeds are a major nuisance for gardeners, and they can appear at any time of year.

Alan explained in a video for Gardeners’ World that “you need to get down and in there” before spring to get those weeds out and stop them from “competing with your cultivated plants.”

“At the end of a long winter – and to be honest, I’ve never known one that was short – the earth between the plants in your beds and borders is hard and compacted,” he said.

“It’s been left undisturbed, giving all the weeds a chance to establish themselves.”

“You’ve got to get down in there and pull those weeds out so they don’t compete with your cultivated plants.”

Alan explained that there are “many different types of weeds,” but the “tap rooted” are the most dangerous.

“The most pernicious are the tap-rooted, deep-rooted perennial weeds, such as this thistle here,” he explained.

“Now, that’s got a thick, broken-in-half root.”

“The bit that’s left will soon sprout new shoots.”

The horticulturist demonstrated how weeding can be done with little effort.

“So get right down in there underneath each one with a hand fork or a trowel,” Alan said.

And if you listen closely, you’ll notice that it didn’t snap.

“That means I’ve removed the entire root.”

That is not going to happen again.

“So, once you’ve loosened the soil, you can make sure that all of the perennial weeds like that are teased out individually.”

Alan talked about how gardens will be overrun with tiny little weeds like speedwells.

“Little annuals with a flimsy little bit of root, like this speedwell,” he explained.

“Now, here’s the best part.

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