Alan Titchmarsh cautions about common weeds and how to get rid of them quickly in his gardening recommendations.


Alan Titchmarsh cautions about common weeds and how to get rid of them quickly in his gardening recommendations.

ALAN TITCHMARSH is a gardening guru who has provided weeding advice. He described the various types of weeds and how to prevent them from spreading.

Weeds are a major source of frustration for gardeners, and they can appear at any time of year. Alan Titchmarsh offered weed-control advice.

The expert discussed the distinction between annual and perennial weeds in a video.

“There are two primary types of weeds in your garden, and it’s important to recognize the difference between them,” he explained.

“An annual is a plant that grows for one year, seeds, and then dies.

“The perennials constitute the second group, and they are a perennial annoyance.

“They appear every year, spreading by way of thick underground roots that can survive for years.”

He went on to say that hairy bittercress, often known as the garden centre weed, is an annual.

This is due to the fact that it can be found in many potted plants purchased from garden centers.

Alan stated that if this weed is not adequately dealt with, it would return.

They can be readily removed by pulling them out, according to the expert, and they usually don’t have much of a root.

While they appear to be innocuous, if they are not removed, they can quickly spread.

“If you don’t pull them out and permit them to continue, their way of perennating themselves is by seed,” Alan explained.

“They’ll scatter seed all everywhere, and there’s an ancient adage that goes, ‘One year seen, seven years weed.’

“They’re going to keep going.”

You may simply leave the weeds on top of the dirt once they’ve been removed, according to Alan.

He also offered advise on how to entirely eliminate them.

“Pull them out and put them on the compost heap before they seed,” Alan continued.

Alan is a horticulture expert, presenter, and novelist who has for many years shared his knowledge.

He’ll appear on shows like ITV’s This Morning on a regular basis to share simple gardening tips.

Alan has also published a number of publications in which he has shared his knowledge.

The expert has already been on Gardeners’ World and Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend.


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