Alan Davies, the star of QI, believes he was’still drunk’ when he drove his kids to school after a night out.


Alan Davies, the star of QI, believes he was’still drunk’ when he drove his kids to school after a night out.

On his podcast, ALAN DAVIES discussed how he got so drunk on Sunday night that he believes he was still inebriated on his way to school.

Alan Davies, 55, has stated that he believes he was inebriated when driving to school yesterday. On his The Tuesday Club podcast earlier today, the comic informed listeners about the predicament.

The weekly podcast is dedicated to all things Arsenal FC, and this week’s episode included Alan and his guests discussing the club’s weekend victory.

On Saturday, the football team defeated Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby.

He told his listeners on Monday evening that he had a “very corking hangover.”

The Jonathan Creek star admitted that he was so inebriated after winning that he believes he was still inebriated the next day.

“I’ve had a bad day,” the father of three stated. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

“I was up early for the school run, but I guess I was still drunk.”

“The hangover didn’t truly start until around 11.30 a.m.,” says the narrator.

Alan said, “I didn’t see any parents, I dropped at a distance,” when his co-host noted it sounded like a “beautiful image.”

He then reflected on his Sunday night, admitting, “They threw us out of the pub.”

“I needed to use the restroom, and we were seated outside.”

“And when I went in, all the chairs were on the tables, the bar was pristine, and the workers appeared to be really irritated.”

Alan has three children with Katie Maskell, with whom he is married.

The actor is a big Arsenal fan who has created 181 episodes of his weekly Arsenal podcast.

Alan may also be seen in the latest series of Taskmaster, alongside Greg Davies and Alex Horne.

In the popular show, the comedian is up against Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson, and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

As part of this, he completes a variety of unique chores in order to earn points on the weekly show.

The QI star talked up to about why he decided to join the show.

“I was well aware of it; friends of mine had done it, so I’d seen episodes,” he explained. However, after being approached about it, I began to pay more attention.

“Then you’re nervous because you might make a fool of yourself, which is, of course, the whole point.

“However, you don’t feel like you’re being victimized or set up,” says Brinkwire.


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