Ahead of the premiere of Season 5, Money Heist’s Stockholm star releases a topless photo.


Ahead of the premiere of Season 5, Money Heist’s Stockholm star releases a topless photo.

Netflix’s Spanish crime thriller is ready to make its long-awaited return to screens this week, following a jaw-dropping season finale. Money Heist’s Stockholm star Esther Acebo shared a topless photo of herself on Instagram before of the film’s premiere.

When the gang took over the Royal Mint of Spain, where she was working as a secretary, Esther Acebo was first introduced to fans as Monica Gaztambide.

She was taken hostage in season one, but she was also embroiled in her own drama.

She was pregnant with Arturo Roman’s (Enrique Arce) child, which would have been wonderful news if he hadn’t been married and had children.

They had met at work, where he was the general director of Spain’s Royal Mint, and had been having a romantic relationship.

EstherAcebo (@estheracebo) shared a post.

Monica’s character shifted dramatically in Season 2, when she decided to accompany the thieves in their heist.

She fell in love with criminal Denver (Jaime Lorente) while she was a hostage and the two spent time together while she was hiding in a vault.

She was authorized by mastermind The Professor (Alvaro Morte) and given the name Stockholm after showing her commitment to the group.

To protect their identity, all eight thieves were given new names based on cities.

With enthusiastic fans awaiting the premiere of season five, actress Esther uploaded the photo on social media with the comment The Kids are Alright.

She is shown near a lake with two dogs in the water, perched on a rock, posed to the side with her arms covering her chest, and wearing only blue bikini bottoms in the photograph.

The photo went viral, garnering over 295,700 likes, and viewers flocked to her comments section to give their thoughts.

One fan praised the scenery, writing, “Look at that wonderful lake, perfect.”

A second wrote, “Not only the kids, but you’re shining as well.”

“You are fantastic,” said a third.

“Where is your dress, Miss Stockholm?” another said of the actress.

“I have a little puppy the same except he doesn’t like water,” one viewer said, adding laughing emojis.

“Can you tell me where this photo was taken? Another added, “Nice river, cute dogs, pretty lady.”

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