After winning the title of “Coolest Brit,” Gareth Southgate was immortalized in ice cream.


After winning the title of “Coolest Brit,” Gareth Southgate was immortalized in ice cream.

After being dubbed the “Coolest Brit,” Gareth Southgate has been immortalized in ice cream. With over a third of the vote, England’s football manager, who led the team to their first major final since 1966, topped the list.

He came in first, ahead of Marcus Rashford (18%) and Bukayo Saka (16%) from his team (13 percent). Maya Jama, a radio and TV host, was also included in the top ten, as were pop artist Dua Lipa, the Queen, and England captain Harry Kane.

It’s critical to recognize what Gareth Southgate has accomplished for the country.

Foodhub’s CEO, Ardian Mula

Artist Nathan Wyburn produced an image of Southgate made entirely of ice cream ingredients, including cones, sauces, hundreds and thousands, wafers, and chocolate flakes, to commemorate his victory.

100 cones, 50 scoops ice cream, 3kg raspberry, chocolate, and caramel sauce, 1kg hundreds and thousands, 75 chocolate flakes, and 250 wafers were used.

“Celebrating what Gareth Southgate has done for this country is incredibly important, and we wanted to do it in a way that is true to the Foodhub ethics,” said Ardian Mula, CEO of Foodhub, which commissioned the research and image to honor National Ice Cream Month.

“Seeing as desserts are now a key part of the takeout delivery business and it’s National Ice Cream Month, creating an ice cream cone-based portrait of Gareth was a no-brainer.”

“What Gareth Southgate and his team have done this year – to get to England’s first final since 1966 – was an incredible achievement that really resonated with the nation, especially after such a difficult 16 months of lockdown,” said Nathan Wyburn, who designed the ice cream portrait of Gareth Southgate.

“It’s been an honor to create a painting of him to honor his accomplishments – and combining the elements of a classic ice cream cone, while challenging, makes perfect sense with National Ice Cream Month being observed this month.”



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