After utilizing a Marilyn Manson song in Maxine’s kidnap episode, Hollyoaks executives were dubbed “tone deaf.”


After utilizing a Marilyn Manson song in Maxine’s kidnap episode, Hollyoaks executives were dubbed “tone deaf.”

Despite a litany of severe allegations against him, HOLLYOAKS executives are facing a strong response from viewers after choosing a song by Marilyn Manson at the start of an episode about actress Maxine Minniver being kidnapped and trafficked.

Fans tuned in to the E4 first look program on Thursday night to watch a terrifying storyline in which Nikki Sanderson’s adorable Maxine falls victim to Fergus Collins’ nefarious designs and is taken captive by his gang of crooks.

The Beautiful People, a 1999 song by Marilyn Manson, is played in the opening sequence, which raised a few eyebrows among fans.

In July of this year, model Ashley Morgan Smithline filed a fourth sexual assault case against Manson, saying that he subjected her to rape, sexual assault, and unlawful confinement.

Manson vehemently denies the charges leveled against him.

One viewer took to Twitter to say: “Not with Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People playing during the climax of a f****** human trafficking storyline on Hollyoaks…. Deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de” “@LimePictures @E4Tweets @Hollyoaks who granted the OK, to use music #BeautifulPeople by #MarilynManson when Maxine was going to be sex trafficked?” a second tweet asked. Really?! Women still have a hard time talking about abuse, and you nonchalantly incorporate this music into the plot? “Of all the tunes the Hollyoaks music supervisor could have chosen for a drama about sex trafficking, they choose a Marilyn Manson song?” someone else wondered. A third was enraged, claiming: “WTF is going on here? On a show with anti-abuse storylines, Hollyoaks thinks it’s fine to use Marilyn Manson’s music, despite the fact that he is a known abuser.” “Hollyoaks used a Marylin Manson track during its tale about sexual violence towards women,” a fourth wrote alongside a nauseating GIF. Meanwhile, fans expressed their dissatisfaction and anxiety in Facebook groups dedicated to the show.

“Surprised and unhappy that the producers placed in a music by Marilyn Mansion on today’s broadcast following the news about him this year,” remarked fan Ben Henderson, who was concerned.

” Yeah, I was saying the same to someone,” a fan replied.

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