After the teaser for ‘Voyage,’ ABBA announced new music, driving fans into a frenzy.


International supergroup ABBA have broken the internet as they confirmed that they will be working together on new music after years of speculation

ABBA have kept the world on their toes in recent months, speculating that a full reunion could be on the cards.

However, almost four decades after their devastating split, the group have confirmed that all four members are working together on new material.

As well as a sensational return to the music industry with new music, the band have gone one step further and have a purpose-built arena at London’s Olympic village to home their new show.

Speaking to host Zoe Ball, Bjorn said the group had been “longing for this, for such a long time”.

Zoe announced that BBC Radio 5 Live had broken tradition, holding off from their 6 pm news bulletin and instead played ABBA’s latest single, I Still Have Faith In You.

Teasing fans, Benny and Bjorn

Discussing their return to music, Benny and Bjorn told Zoe: “It was suggested to us that we can go on tour as holograms, four or five years ago.”

Benny joked: “I said, I wanted to do it before we were dead!”

While Agnetha and Anni-Fri were not present at the reveal, Benny and Bjorn revealed that the two female vocalists do not enjoy the media storm as much as they do.

“Sort of a greatest hits I say, we’re trying to play a couple of songs that are not great hits but songs that we like, it’s 22 songs, an hour and a half long,” said Benny of their latest performance.

Benny and Bjorn confirmed that all the music produced on their forthcoming album is strictly ABBA, with work from just one sound engineer.

Discussing their new single, I Still Have Faith in You, Bjorn said: “It is about realising it is inconceivable to be where we are. No imagination can dream up that.

“To release an album after 40 years and still be the best of friends and enjoying each other’s company and still have total loyalty. Who has experienced that? Nobody.”

Confirming their decision to release new music as a four-piece, they wrote on Twitter: “We are on our way back! Thank you for waiting. #ABBAVoyage is the concert we’ve always wanted to perform for our fans.

“The journey is about to begin! Pre-order @ABBA’s new album ‘Voyage’, out 5th November, for access to the exclusive ticket pre-sales.”

They went on to add: “No comeback would. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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