After the singer signed up for the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, Tom Fletcher’s wife spoke out about the ‘curse’ of the show.


After the singer signed up for the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, Tom Fletcher’s wife spoke out about the ‘curse’ of the show.

After her McFly star husband signed up for the 2021 season of Strictly Come Dancing, Tom Fletcher’s wife Giovanna Fletcher spoke out about the so-called Strictly Come Dancing “curse.”

Last Monday, Tom Fletcher was unveiled as the first candidate for the forthcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing. The 36-year-old artist has admitted that he is “completely afraid” of his time on the dance floor, while his wife is unconcerned about the “curse” of Strictly.

Giovanna, who married her childhood boyfriend in 2012, expressed confidence in the couple.

She claimed she was “very excited” for her husband to be a part of the popular BBC show during a film screening at the weekend.

“We’re ecstatic for Tom because he’s doing Strictly.

“Does the Strictly curse exist? That isn’t anything I’m concerned about. At the Paw Patrol screening, she told The Sun, “We’ll be OK.”

The Strictly curse refers to celebrities and their dance partners whose relationships have suffered as a result of their time on the BBC show.

Busy schedules, long hours in the gym, sultry dance routines, and close interactions on the show can all contribute to relationship breakup.

The novelist and podcaster is no stranger to reality television and may know more about what to expect than her husband.

The mother-of-three competed in and won I’m A Celebrity… earlier this year. During its initial year, Get Me Out Of Here! was held in a derelict castle in Wales.

“I did I’m a Celebrity, and now he’s on Strictly,” she says.

“Well, we didn’t want it to get boring in our house,” she explained.

Buzz, Buddy, and Max are the children of the couple, who met at school when they were 13 years old.

The pop artist said that Tom’s kids were ecstatic about the news until they witnessed his dancing abilities.


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“It’s just now dawning on me that I’ll be dancing on Strictly this year as I write this that the idea that I’ll be dancing on Strictly has begun to set in!

“Of course, I’m ecstatic, but I’m also terrified!” says the author.

“My kids were also ecstatic until I started doing my best dad-dancing in the kitchen.

“I’m not sure how far they’ll take me in the tournament, but I’m looking forward to learning some new moves.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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