After the NHS app went down, Britons were not able to board planes to Ibiza.


After the NHS app went down, Britons were not able to board planes to Ibiza.

HOLIDAYMAKERS’ summer vacations have been disrupted as the NHS app went down earlier today due to a widespread outage.

Passengers at Stansted were denied boarding on a Ryanair flight to Ibiza earlier today due to a lack of vaccination documentation.

Hundreds of people were preparing to board an aircraft when the NHS app went down earlier today.

The origin of the problem is unknown, however it is thought to be tied to a widespread outage that impacted multiple organizations, including AirBnb and British Airways.

This occurred around 5 p.m. UK time, just as a large number of people were due to board planes.

After being unable to establish their vaccination status, some of them were refused boarding the plane.

Most EU nations recognize the NHS app as the only certified vaccine passport in the UK.

Before traveling to Spain, Britons must present a negative PCR test or confirmation of immunization.

Passengers can show that they have had their two vaccinations in one of two ways: by using the NHS app or by displaying an NHS letter.

Because they relied on the digital platform, the majority of travellers who had their immunization data kept on the NHS app did not carry physical documentation.

The NHS app also allows travelers to download a PDF version of the immunization passport, but it was too late many vacationers when the app went down.

Many people were disappointed because they were set to fly to their vacation destination.

Hundreds of Britons are said to have been affected by this incident in numerous airports across the UK today.

According to a flight attendant on the affected Ryanair flight, many people are denied boarding practically every flight because they lack some of the essential papers.

She claimed that double-jabbed travelers believe they can “simply show up and fly,” implying that they are overconfident.

“You have to download everything nowadays,” he said.

Ryanair has been contacted for comment by this publication.

This comes after the Balearic Islands were reclassified as amber last week, requiring non-vaccinated visitors to enter quarantine upon their return to the United Kingdom.

The administration of the Balearic Islands has also reintroduced the requirement that face masks be worn at all times outside.

It comes only a month after the regulation was first repealed.

In Spain, the number of cases is now higher than it was during the “third wave” in January.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports on the number of active COVID-19 cases.


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