After the GMB snub, Piers Morgan tells Boris Johnson to “grow a pair” and appear on a new show.


After the GMB snub, Piers Morgan tells Boris Johnson to “grow a pair” and appear on a new show.

In his first column for The Sun, presenter Piers Morgan challenged Boris Johnson to appear on his new TV show TalkTV, slamming the Prime Minister for his “ineptness.”

As he begins his first column in The Sun, Piers Morgan has dared Boris Johnson to appear as his first guest on his new global TV show.

Following his questionable dealings with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the 56-year-old hit out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his “ineptness” and demanded that the doting father sit in the hotseat on his new show.

Throughout his lengthy article, the former Good Morning Britain host highlighted several flaws in the political leader’s performance during his time in office.

Dear Boris, stop being a shambles and fix things, or admit that being Prime Minister is too much for you and resign, yours Piers Morgan, he wrote in his uncensored letter.

Piers accused the father-of-six of “duking interviews” in his column after he refused to appear on the popular ITV morning show on multiple occasions.

Boris’ last appearance on the popular ITV morning show was nearly four years ago, and his absence has been felt.

Some even claim that the Tory leader didn’t want to appear on the show after news reporter Jonathan Swain and his camera crew door-stopped him while he was helping load milk bottles into vans.

“It was pathetic to watch a fellow journalist flee into a fridge to avoid answering my questions on Good Morning Britain, and to boycott shows like GMB for months on end for fear of a tough interrogation,” Piers wrote.

“Grow some balls, man” (You can start by being one of my first guests on my new global TV show…)

“You wrote a fantastic book about your hero, Sir Winston Churchill, in which you praised his bravery in the face of adversity.

“Do you believe Winston would ever hide in a large refrigerator to avoid a journalist? Of course not.”

The TV host will join TalkTV, which will cover news, sports, entertainment, and current events, as well as delving into debate and opinion.

His move to News UK, as well as his own primetime show on News Corp and Fox News Media, which will air in the US, UK, and Australia, was announced in September.

This is his first major new presenting job since his explosive exit from the ITV show.

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