After ‘taking a financial cut’ by not filming for MTV, teen mom Kailyn Lowry is considering creating a line of VIBRATORS.


After ‘taking a financial cut’ by not filming for MTV, teen mom Kailyn Lowry is considering creating a line of VIBRATORS.

After disclosing that she hasn’t filmed with MTV in MONTHS, KAILYN Lowry considered creating a line of vibrators.

Because she hasn’t worked for the network since the summer, the Teen Mom 2 star previously discussed her “pay reduction.”

On Monday, Kailyn, 29, had an Instagram Q&A session with her admirers.

“Will you and Vee consider coming out with a vibrator collection?” one user inquired, to which the reality star replied, “This would be fun,” before tagging intimate toy manufacturer @bellesaco.

After revealing that she hasn’t filmed with MTV in THREE MONTHS, the TV personality indicated interest in selling sex toys.

During the same Q&A session, a fan inquired as to whether Kailyn is “still not filming.”

“I haven’t filmed in roughly three months,” the mother of four said.

“Do you get nervous about not filming?” another person wondered as a follow-up. “Are you financially savvy?” “I don’t think anyone wants to accept a pay reduction,” Kailyn replied. However, you can’t put a price on happiness.” The MTV star hasn’t worked with them since she chastised them for hiring her ex-boyfriend Chris without first alerting her.

After producers chose to offer Chris a job, the author took to Instagram in August to attack them for their “lack of respect” towards her.

“Are you disappointed Chris signed to be on Teen Mom, or are you unconcerned?” one fan questioned during another Q&A session with fans.

Kailyn retaliated, “I don’t give a f**k what Chris does.”

“I’m concerned about how it was handled/how I found out, as well as people’s lack of regard for me after 12 years on the program.”

However, the podcast host earlier denied being “upset” by Chris’s participation, claiming that she “didn’t know” he would be on the show until people were “quoting” her incorrectly.

“Hello there, everyone! I just wanted to come on here fast to let you know that I’m not offended about anything and that I can’t be furious about something that I had no knowledge of being quoted about “she clarified

“So, first and foremost, whomever is quoting me and selling this to the tabloids is insane; I don’t give a s**t, and second, I can’t be unhappy about something I didn’t even know about until it was revealed that I was upset.”

Kailyn came to this conclusion: “What do you mean? I didn’t even make a comment. So I simply wanted to make it clear.” Despite her tough demeanor, Kailyn is “extremely unhappy” that Chris will be “cashing in” on the 11th season of… Brinkwire Brief News, according to a source.


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