After slamming her toddler for peeing in a BUSH, his mother threatens to complain to nursery about’mixed messages.’


After slamming her toddler for peeing in a BUSH, his mother threatens to complain to nursery about’mixed messages.’

A MUM has vowed to sue her son’s nursery for correcting him, but no one seems to be on her side.

The mom expressed her concern on Mumsnet, saying she is concerned about giving “mixed messages” to her child about where it is OK to pee.

Her son is “recently toilet trained,” according to the mother, who has been “encouraging him to wee in the bushes” when they’re “out and about and there’s no toilet,” such as in the park.

When he performed the same thing in the nursery garden, though, Mom wasn’t impressed with the teachers’ response.

The mother stated: “I picked him up from nursery a few days ago, and the person in charge of handover said, “Just to let you know, mum, we were in the garden today and he pulled his trousers and pants down and weeded in the bush.”

“‘This is not permitted,’ was the evident undertone. I understand why they’d like to avoid it, but I was relieved that he’d done it instead of wetting himself.

“However, DH (dear husband) and I attempted to explain to him that if he needs to use the restroom at nursery, he should tell someone.”

The mother was then in the park with her son yesterday, attempting to get him to wee in a bush.

She declares: “But he refused to give up and continued rushing down the route, looking for somewhere else to go.

“I attempted to stop him and persuade him to go into the bush, but he refused, and he became increasingly agitated until he came to a halt and weeded in his pants.

“I’m just worried that he’s getting mixed messages now, and I’m not sure whether to bring it up with nursery and say something along the lines of ‘what was said to him when he did thisI’m not sure it was particularly helpful to treat this as a wrongdoing in the context of ongoing toilet trainingcan we agree on a consistent message for him going forward’ or if it’s entirely on us as parents.

“Obviously, there would be no ambiguity if he’d done it inside, but isn’t it rather common for little boys to have a wee in a bush?”

Asked to comment on the thread, surprised mums said: “I can’t believe you’re serious about reprimanding the childcare for this. You can’t have kids peeing in the garden because it’s unsanitary.” “I’ve never peed on someone’s garden,” one person stated, while another asked, “What would you do if you had a girl?” One mother slammed the door: “The problem will go away if you don’t encourage him to urinate in public. The masculine entitlement in this situation is ludicrous. You must participate in your outings… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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