After seeing Luann and Michael flirt on ‘RHUGT,’ fans proclaim, ‘Michael is getting divorced.’


After seeing Luann and Michael flirt on ‘RHUGT,’ fans proclaim, ‘Michael is getting divorced.’

Following Michael’s interactions with Luann, many fans speculated that his wife could file for divorce.

The New York housewives have garnered the infamous reputation of being maneaters thanks to Sonja Morgans, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps. Fans watched with shock and amusement as Luann flirted freely with the villa’s concierge, Michael Burchill, in a recent episode of Peacock’s ‘Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.’ Despite learning that he was married in an earlier episode, Luann continued to flirt with him, and Michael reciprocated by flirting with her.

Melissa Gorga of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ was the one in charge of organizing a fun day for her co-stars. Melissa organised a lovely sleep party for the ladies after spending the day seeing the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos. Michael got in on the action by devising a ladies-only party game. He set up a Twister mat and shot glasses on top of it, instructing the ladies to consume the shots while they played the game. Because Luann is working on her sobriety, Michael served her a special drink and announced a minor change to the game’s rules when it was her time.

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Rather of picking up the shot glass from the mat, he proposed that he lie down on the mat with the shot glass in his mouth, forcing the ‘RHONY’ housewife to pick it up with her mouth. Luann enthusiastically agreed and removed the glass from his mouth. After the game, the two exchanged a kiss, and Luann spent the rest of the night with the ladies, while fans speculated on how Michael’s wife would react to her husband’s blatant flirtation with Luann.

“If I were Michael’s wife seeing him propose, I’d take a shot from his mouth while she straddles him (hashtag)RHUGT,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another fan commented, “Right now, Michael’s wife is at home selecting headstones. (hashtag)RHUGT.” “Someone please have Michael’s wife hold a for the next season of (hashtag)RHONY since this twister shot game… We’ll have to wait and see what she says to Luanne regarding the (hashtag)RHUGT “a fan was added

If I were Michael’s wife, I’d take a shot out of his mouth while Luann straddles him (hashtag)RHUGT

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