After seeing ‘disturbing’ violent scenes in Angela Black, people can’t stomach to watch.


ANGELA BLACK premiered on ITV Sunday night and caused a stir on Twitter as viewers couldn’t bear to watch violent scenes of domestic abuse.

New thriller Angela Black (played by Joanne Froggatt) premiered on ITV Sunday night, following the life of an isolated woman trying to leave an abusive marriage. Her controlling and abusive husband, Olivier Black’s (Michiel Huisman) secrets soon come out and her picture-perfect life comes to an end. Viewers of the show were quick to take to Twitter to express their views on how soon into the show violent scenes were shown.

After hosting a dinner party, Angela’s husband Olivier beat her to the ground after accusing her of trying to embarrass him in front of their friends.

Whilst the disturbing violence wasn’t shown, the sounds of him hitting Angela and her cries for help could be heard off-screen.

Viewers were quick to express their surprise at how soon the scenes were aired, with Clara writing: “#AngelaBlack is already harrowing,” alongside a sad face.

Ailsa also wrote: “Five minutes in, and I’m already disturbed, not sure I can bear to watch this #AngelaBlack.”

“What a horrible start, #AngelaBlack,” Bev added, with Ben also saying, “#AngelaBlack f*****g h**l that was quick.”

Speaking about the new series, ITV said: “This is a Hitchcockian thriller that follows one woman as she risks everything she holds dear to fight back against the man who has suppressed and tormented her for most of her adult life.”

Viewers may recognise actress Joanna for her portrayal of Anna Bates in the ITV period drama Downton Abbey.

Joanna made a candid confession ahead of the series debut explaining: “I am drawn to those roles because they’re incredible stories and incredibly challenging as an actor.

“To be offered to show great emotional range and really get into the psychology of a character is what you do it for.”

She continued: “I’ve done lots of other sorts of roles as well, but those are the sorts of roles that stand out in people’s memories because they’re the most affecting.

“So, I don’t sort of seek them out, but when they come my way, and they’re really well written, I can’t say no.”

Joanne added: “I do feel responsibility, I did a lot of research and Women’s Aid were incredible, supporting us and pointing me in the right direction.

“I read Katie. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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