After robbers sneak into her boyfriend’s home and take his safe, Davina McCall feels “violated.”


After robbers sneak into her boyfriend’s home and take his safe, Davina McCall feels “violated.”

After her boyfriend’s house was broken into, DAVINA MCCALL stated she felt “violated.”

Davina McCall, 52, has spoken out about a break-in she experienced while filming sequences for her new television show in Spain. Following the encounter, the presenter stated she was left with a “terrible sensation.”

Her boyfriend’s home in London was broken into, and a safe containing valuables was stolen.

“It’s just a sensation of being betrayed. Anyone who has been burgled understands how unpleasant it is “During a recent podcast interview, Davina noted.

“It makes you want to get out of your residence as soon as possible. It irritates me.

“”It’s the worst sensation in the world,” she added.

Michel Douglas, a hairdresser, has been dating Davina for almost two years.

When they chatted about the last heist, the pair was on vacation when the TV star was filming the Language of Love.

The hairstylist, who appears frequently on This Morning, has increased security at his home by changing the locks and installing CCTV.

If someone enters his home, it sends him a notification.

Michael spoke about the incident briefly in the most recent episode of their joint podcast, Making the Cut.

“I was recently burgled. My safe was stolen after someone broke into my house “He went on to explain.

He continued by stating that his new security system has a motion sensor.

The ability to monitor live footage from inside your property while you are not there is reassuring, according to Davina.


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Some women endure anxiety and despair during the menopause, according to the mother-of-three, who has been open about her personal experiences with the condition.

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She went on to say (sic).

This was due to a drop in progesterone levels, according to the presenter.

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