After revealing that she now lives in a trailer park with her family, Mackenzie McKee says she’s ‘living the good life.’


Mackenzie McKee, the star of Teen Mom, says she’s ‘living the good life’ after revealing she now lives in a trailer park with her family.

After revealing that she and her family are now living in a trailer park, Mackenzie McKee claimed that she is “living the good life.”

The MTV star recently revealed to her fans that she had been “kicked out” of her Florida home.

Mackenzie shared a short clip of herself dancing in what appears to be a bar with some of her friends on her Instagram Stories.

Mackenzie wears her hair in a bun and wears a red top in the video as she pans her phone to show off some of her company’s products.

“Living the good life,” she wrote as a caption for the video.

All of this comes after the 27-year-old revealed that she and her three children, Gannon, nine, Jaxie, six, and Broncs, four, are currently living in a trailer park with her husband, Josh McKee.

“So this is where I’m living,” she said on Instagram Stories, pointing behind her to a trailer park.

“It’s actually like a vacation spot in Sun and Fun Trailer Park Sarasota,” she continued.

Mackenzie went on to say that as her lease in her rental home came to an end, she expected to be able to extend it for a few months on a short-term contract.

Her landlord, on the other hand, informed her that she would be replaced and that she would have to vacate by the end of October.

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The Teen Mom OG star then revealed how she and her husband, Josh, 28, decided to sell their Oklahoma home and relocate permanently to Florida.

They were left “homeless” after finding a new home to buy in Florida proved to be much more difficult than expected.

Mackenzie and her children were forced to find a temporary home, and her friends recommended a trailer park “ten minutes” from her children’s school.

“I called them and they only had one trailer available,” she explained.

I’ve sold it.

Here’s a picture of my debit card.

“I had no idea what to expect, and we arrived after driving for 18 hours.”

And, to tell you the truth, this place is fantastic.”

The trailer park’s mobile homes, which can be purchased or rented, cost between $25,000 and $140,000, according to The Sun.

According to MH Village, the park is a “luxury resort” and “one of the world’s top RV resorts.”

Apart from a major move, Mackenzie recently faced backlash from fans after dressing up as Latina singer Selena for Halloween.

After calling Vice President Kamala Harris “racist,” the mother of three was previously labeled “racist.”

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