After revealing she’s pregnant with her third child, fans of Teen Mom Kayla Sessler believe she’s ‘hiding’ her baby bump.


Kayla Sessler’s fans believe she’s ‘hiding’ her baby bump after she announced she’s expecting her third child.

Kayla Sessler’s fans think she’s “hiding” her baby bump after she announced she’s expecting her third child.

This comes after the reality star shocked viewers when she claimed that her second baby daddy, Luke Davis, had cheated on her.

The 22-year-old shared the photo on Instagram, which shows her wearing a skintight dress with a plunging neckline and cutouts to show off her waist.

Kayla stands with one hand on her hip, her long hair covering her stomach in the photo.

Some people, on the other hand, had their own theories and took to the comments section to speculate.

“Hair hiding something,” one person wrote, while another added, “she looks good, but she’s preggers.”

“Are you pregnant?” a third user inquired.

Kayla has a 4-year-old daughter Izaiah with ex Stephan Alexander and a 2-year-old daughter Ariah with boyfriend Luke, but she has yet to respond.

Kayla stunned viewers in August when she revealed at the end of the Young and the Restless that she was pregnant.

The MTV star recently sat down with Luke’s mother, Noopie, to make some shocking claims.

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Kayla claims Luke had an affair with a woman he met in a bar just months before Ariah was born.

Things “haven’t gotten much better with Luke,” according to the reality star, who added that the couple “wanted to see a couple’s counselor.”

“He was never truly there, such as assisting me with Ariah,” she claimed.

He’d go out to the bars and wouldn’t return home until three a.m.

“You know, I just had a baby, and he wasn’t exactly eager to assist.”

“Oh, I don’t think I got that part of the story the other day,” Luke’s mother replied sympathetically.

“The past Luke was just not very faithful… like, the worst you can do,” Kayla continued.

The TV personality then launched into a story, telling viewers that Luke had gone out to a bar with a friend when she was a month or two pregnant with Ariah.

However, Kayla eventually discovered “that the girl had messaged him about them sleeping together” on Luke’s Instagram.

“To me, it’s just very embarrassing,” Kayla explained.

I’ve gotten pregnant twice and been cheated on both times, and it’s humiliating.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll ever forgive him,” she continued.

“I’m not sure if we’re wasting our time together if I’ll never forgive him for what he did…”

The father of Kayla’s unborn child has yet to be discovered…

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