After revealing an astonishing 3.5-stone weight loss, Gemma Collins drops another dress size.


Reality TV star Gemma Collins says she has lost 3.5 stone and dropped yet another dress size thanks to personal trainer sessions and treatments in a freezing ice chamber

Reality TV diva Gemma Collins, who has already lost 3.5 stone, has revealed she has dropped another dress size in bid for healthier lifestyle.

In preparation to boost her immunity levels before winter, the GC has been working with a personal instructor to help her lose weight.

The 40-year-old TV personality told listeners on her aptly named ‘The Gemma Collins Podcast’ that she has been able to shed even more pounds just by walking.

She added: “Exercise has been going great this week. It’s really hard some days you don’t fancy it – but I’ve been getting my steps in.

“Yeah, it really makes a difference. Like, I’ve already gone down a dress size.

“I can tell in my exercise clothes. You just feel so much better.”

The former TOWIE favourite has also shared that she and boyfriend Rami Hawash are trying for a baby and have already picked out a floral baby name – Blossom.

As well as focusing on exercise with her personal trainer, Gemma has been undergoing sessions in a freezing cold ice chamber.

The treatment – known as cryotherapy – involved standing in a chamber which drops to temperatures as low as -180 degrees Celsius.

The body, when plunging to such low temperatures, reacts by boosting the immune system, enabling muscle regeneration and contributing to weight loss.

Posting a video of her cryogenic treatment to her Instagram back in May the GC wrote: “Yes I’m naked. Minus 180!!!!

“Halla is the best at burning fat in her Cryo machine followed by her lymphatic draining machine. This lady is a goddess. Halla I love it.”

Gemma said afterwards she wants a machine in her house. “I want to go in it all day, every day,” she added.

Gemma is not the only high profile celeb to have lost considerable weight recently.

Adele, who is back with a bang with her new track ‘Easy On Me’, has famously lost seven stone in the last few years.

Adele’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed by the GC, who said on her podcast: “Adele – I’m your girl. If you want some company on your exercising please take me with you.”

Gemma has shared her weight loss journey on her Instagram and has posted videos of her workout routine both throughout lockdown and beyond.

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