After rethinking her future, Kylie Minogue is’set to leave the UK and return to Australia.’


After rethinking her future, Kylie Minogue is’set to leave the UK and return to Australia.’

According to an informant, KYLIE MINOGUE is planning to return to Australia after spending 30 years in the United Kingdom.

Kylie Minogue, 53, is said to be relocating to Australia after taking some time to “consider where she wants to be based.”

During lockdown, the pop star allegedly had more free time and was able to reassess her living arrangements.

“This is something she’s been thinking about for a while,” a source close to Kylie stated.

“She had time to ponder about where she wants to be based this year while she remained in Australia for an extended period due to travel restrictions.”

“She spends much of her life on the road or traveling, like many artists, so she doesn’t expect this to be a big adjustment for her because she’s never in one location for long.”

“Covid has given her a lot of time to think about the future, and she wants to spend more time with her family when she’s not traveling, so she’ll be based in Australia.” “The Mirror was told by a source.

Kylie reportedly changed the service address for her four main firms to an Australian address in newly-filed records, according to the website.

The new address is in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn.

“She’s modified her company data to indicate that she’s moving,” a source added.

Kylie’s address as a director on the business paperwork has also been changed from England to Australia, according to the website.

A spokesperson for Kylie has been approached for comment by this publication.

Kylie’s parents Carol and Ron, brother Brendan, sister Dannii, and nephew Ethan are all living in Australia.

The singer has discussed how her cancer diagnosis years ago influenced her professional and personal life decisions.

At the age of 36, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The news occurred while she was on tour around the world before “everything changed.”

“Cancer changed many things forever, and then some things did not change at all,” the singer explained.

“My perspective of the world was altered, but my destination remained the same for the most part.”

“It was as if the earth had shifted off its axis. You have a unique perspective on everything.” Kylie’s sickness, on the other hand, made her even more “passionate about all the individuals and all the. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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