After renting a hotel with sea views, a Premier Inn customer became upset, saying, “Very misleading!”


After renting a hotel with sea views, a Premier Inn customer became upset, saying, “Very misleading!”

When one man checked into a Premier Inn with a room “smack bang on the waterfront” and “amazing” views, he received more than he bargained for.

Premier Inn has been criticised by an enraged father after an advertisement led him to assume he was booking a room with sea views. Roger Luke, 69, and his partner Irene Blower, 62, arrived at the Swansea hotel last month after reading on the internet that guests will enjoy a “sailor’s life” since it is “slap bang on the marina with views of the sea and adjacent hills.”

Those who stay will be able to “enjoy the wonderful scenery,” according to the statement.

When the couple arrived for a post-lockdown vacation on June 13, they were surprised to see the entire building covered in white sheets, resembling a “construction site with no views.”

When the couple arrived in the £35 room, they were disappointed to learn that the famous “sea views” were obstructed by poles and opaque netting, making the room “extremely dark.”

Mr Luke claims he was the victim of “false advertising” because there are “no views whatsoever,” despite a disclaimer on the Premier Inn website stating that there are “limited views.”

“We’ve stayed in this hotel several times, and when we went there, I said to my partner, ‘we’re in the wrong spot, this looks like a building site here,’” Mr Luke claimed to the Mirror.

“We called [Premier Inn] from the parking lot to ask whether they’d bought another hotel or if this one was closed, but they replied they were only around the corner.

“We were too deep into it by the time we realized we were at the correct spot to say ‘we’re not accepting this,’ so we just went with it.”

“In the chamber, it was always so black. I complained at the desk, and it was pointed out to me that there was a note about a restricted view on the website, down at the bottom of the page.

“It’s deceptive advertising. When there is no view, you can’t market a hotel with a restricted view. It’s quite deceiving.”

Mr Luke claims that Premier Inn repaid him £16 plus VAT, but he remains upset because he “often uses Premier Inn and expected better feedback than that.”

“Our Swansea Waterfront hotel is,” a Premier Inn spokeswoman said. Brinkwire Summary News


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