After removing his face mask, Gogglebox star Tom Malone described himself as “feeling like a criminal.”


After removing his face mask, Gogglebox star Tom Malone described himself as “feeling like a criminal.”

Tom Malone of GOGGLEBOX has resorted to social media to say that he “feels like a criminal” after ditching his face mask in honor of “Freedom Day.”

Tom Malone of Gogglebox has resorted to Twitter to say that he feels like a “criminal” because he no longer wears a face mask in stores. Before clarifying why he is excused from wearing a covering, the TV personality responded to social media users who he claimed wrote “judgemental” comments in response to his last Tweet.

Anyone else now feel like a thief if they go into a store without a mask on?

Tom Malone is a character in the film Tom Malone

Given his 72,600 followers, the Channel 4 personality retaliated against the hostility he had received after announcing that he was no longer using a facial covering when he went shopping.

“Getting a lot of judgmental replies on this tweet saying I should wear a mask to protect the defenseless,” he said.

Tom, on the other hand, claims that he is not need to wear a mask owing to a medical problem.

“For the record, I’m asthmatic (exempt), yet I still wear a mask 90% of the time,” he continued.

“I took it off today because my chest was tight.

He finished with a thumbs up and said, “You may stop judging me now.”

The TV star’s remark comes after he admitted to feeling like a “criminal” by foregoing a face mask in the wake of Covid restrictions being eased across the country.

“Anyone else feel like a criminal when they go into stores without a mask on now?” Tom asked his followers yesterday.

Face masks are no longer required in shops and other indoor business environments as of July 19.

Following the star’s post, social media users chimed in on the discussion over whether or not face masks should be used in light of the rising number of coronavirus cases.

“You wear a mask to protect others, not yourself, and those giving you the evil eye are usually clinically extremely fragile or have lost a loved one to Covid,” one Twitter user remarked.

“[I] wouldn’t know,” said another. Wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience in exchange for protecting others’ health.”

“Would it kill you to keep wearing a mask?” a third asked the TV star. No, but if you do, it might kill someone.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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