After paying for her roots to be done at a salon, the woman was mortified when she was left ‘looking like a bird.’


After paying to have her roots done at a salon, the woman was mortified when she was left ‘looking like a bird.’

A WOMAN was embarrassed after going to the hairdresser for a routine root touch-up and leaving ‘looking like a bird’ due to bad hair breakage.

Mariah, a Tiktok user, said her hair “lay straight, smooth, and flat” before getting her roots done.

“I’ve never had to spray it down before,” she added.

She then showed photos taken right after she’d gone to the hairdresser, in which her hair is clearly sticking up all the way down her parting.

She expressed her displeasure by saying, “It appears to be horrible.”

Mariah expressed her dissatisfaction with her hair by saying she was “really emotional.”

“Anyone would be when their hair looks as bad as mine,” she said.

“I was putting everything up to see how much of it was actually damaged, and I was like, ‘Wow.’

‘This is a lot worse than I had anticipated.’

She stated that she does not hold her hairdresser responsible for her hair falling out because platinum blonde hair is a dangerous business.

She admitted, “I should have been doing things to try to avoid damage.”

But she did say that she wished her hairdresser had warned her.

Breakage is unavoidable when you’re platinum blonde, according to many commenters.

One viewer wrote, “I feel like this happens to every blonde at some point but I’m so sorry girl,” while another concurred, “The price of going blonde is breakage babe.”

A sympathetic viewer wrote, “Girl!!! I feel your pain!! It happened to me AND on my crown as well!I wanted to cry.”

“Ugh, that’s the worst,” someone else said.

I’ve been there and done that, and I’m sorry this happened to you.”

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