After no one shows up for her baby shower – including her own mother, who ‘forgot the date’ – the new mother breaks down in tears.


After no one shows up for her baby shower – including her own mother, who ‘forgot the date’ – the new mother breaks down in tears.

A YOUNG mother was devastated when no one showed up for her firstborn’s baby shower.

Annie, the mother, uploaded a video to her TikTok account, agkrogmeier01, which has over one million views.

The devastating video shows the new mother clutching her newborn baby and fighting back tears as she tells her followers that no one, including her own mother, showed up for the baby shower.

“I felt really embarrassed,” she adds in the caption. My mother didn’t even show up.” “Had a baby shower today just to wait there looking dumb, and end up having nobody show,” Annie writes in the video. People responded to Annie’s video with both support and questions about what transpired.

“Your mother didn’t show?” one user inquired. Annie replied that her mother had said she had forgotten.

Annie revealed in a second video that she was reared in a strict Catholic household, was homeschooled, and was always referred to as the “goody two shoes” by her peers, thus her pregnancy at the age of 19 came as a shock.

Unfortunately, other viewers mocked Annie, saying they didn’t believe her narrative at all, prompting Annie to respond to some of these remarks in a new video.

“So a family member planned this, invited friends, and basically no one showed up?” one user wondered. I’m not disputing your story; it simply looks strange.” “That’s why I was so astonished and disappointed,” Annie explained, “since I invited a large number of people and nobody showed up.” “Did your mother forget?” Okay, now I’m beginning to have reservations about the whole thing. “I apologize, but…” According to one user.

“For everyone who thinks it’s ‘tacky’ to hold a second baby shower,” Annie wrote. “It’s customary to shower before the baby is born.” “Showers are for firstborns exclusively (which he is).” “No one had inquired.” “Stop making something up, I was simply irritated folks said they’d be there then didn’t bother to show,” she wrote in the post. Other people rallied to Annie’s aid, requesting that she create a register so that they could purchase gifts for her and her newborn kid, but Annie has yet to do so.

“Girl, I’ll send stuff just put a link up!” one user said.

You and your child are deserving of praise! “Babies are God’s gifts.” So, we’re arranging another one for you for next weekend, and everyone from the comments section will be there.” Another user retorted.

“You deserve better,” commented a third user. Many blessings to you and your child. You’re a fantastic mother, and your child is fortunate to have you!” In addition, a mother exposes her ‘lasagne’ bed… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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