After Nicolas Cage had a “temper tantrum,” Lisa Marie Presley divorced him.


After Nicolas Cage had a “temper tantrum,” Lisa Marie Presley divorced him.

LISA MARIE PRESLEY’S marriage to Nicolas Cage, an actor and Elvis Presley enthusiast, came to an end after he reportedly filed for divorce following a heated dispute. The couple had just thrown an almost expensive engagement diamond into the ocean when they announced their divorce.

As Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley’s personal life was always going to be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb. The American actress has had a few high-profile marriages over her adult life. Lisa Marie began dating Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage just a few years after divorcing Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, in 1996. On August 10, 2002, the couple married after two years of “intense” dating.

Lisa Marie, 34 at the time, and Nic, 38, eloped to Hawaii, where they eventually married.

Despite the fact that both parties had previously been married, they were optimistic about their newfound marriage, despite the reported fights.

Unfortunately, the partnership did not turn out to be what they had hoped for. They made numerous headlines during their time together before filing for divorce on November 25, 2002, barely three months after marrying.

The divorce was finalized in 2004, but not before they had one of their most heated arguments on a huge yacht.

According to reports, the pair got into a heated argument and Lisa Marie’s $65,000 six-carat yellow diamond engagement ring was thrown into the ocean. (Image courtesy of InStyle)

Nic reportedly recruited a team of divers to find the ring in the water after the fight ended.

However, the star of Leaving Las Vegas was not successful. Now that his wife’s engagement ring was lost, he decided to make amends by giving her an even bigger bauble – this time a ten-carat diamond.

Nic was scrutinized for allegedly being an Elvis devotee, in addition to the couple’s reported regular conflicts. He was only with the young woman because of his obsession with the King of Rock and Roll, according to other accounts.

“There is no answering machine with my voice on it as Elvis,” Nic continued to refute the rumors. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Walters)

“We weren’t going to buy Graceland,” Nic continued. Graceland was never going to be our home. “Brinkwire Summary News.” I wasn’t.


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