After mistaking the beast for a plastic model at a theme park, a tourist was savaged by a crocodile.


After mistaking the beast for a plastic model at a theme park, a tourist was savaged by a crocodile.

WARNING: THESE IMAGES CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT. Nehemias Chipada was taking a selfie with the crocodile but didn’t realize it was real until it attacked him and drained blood from his arm. On his birthday, a visitor lambasted a theme park for allegedly failing to display warning signs after he was viciously assaulted by a crocodile when he mistook it for a plastic model.

At Amaya View amusement park in the Philippines, Nehemias Chipada, 68, was pounced on by the 12ft long predator as he climbed into its pool to snap a selfie with it.

Nehemias posed for a series of shots, believing the croc was a life-like model, but the beast hurled itself at his left arm, necessitating three surgeries.

As the venomous reptile dragged him into the sea, his relatives watched in despair.

Fortunately, the father, who could be heard yelling for aid, eluded death and was able to flee the predator.

The theme park has been chastised by Nehemias’ family for allegedly failing to warn tourists that the facility was home to a crocodile.

Mercy Joy Chipada, his daughter, said: “We didn’t see any signs advising us not to enter the enclosure. We would not have gone there if there had been.” After personnel at the park tied handkerchiefs around his arms and hands to stem the bleeding, the tourist was rushed to Northern Mindanao Medical Centre for treatment.

Following the collision, he was said to have suffered fractured bones and needed eight wounds stitched on his left arm and leg.

The tremendous force of the crocodile bite had also lodged a three-inch fang in his flesh, according to the Daily Mail.

Witness Antiga Rogelio Pamisa Rogelio Pamisa Rogelio Pamisa Rogelio Pamisa “I heard screams for rescue and witnessed the old guy being manhandled by the crocodile. I was afraid it would rip his arm off.

“I wanted to rescue him, but I was terrified and didn’t know what to do in the event of a crocodile attack.”

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After he needed many surgeries to help mend his shattered bones, the amusement park agreed to cover the price of his therapy.

Amaya View, on the other hand, denied that they had forgotten to post warning warnings across the park.

Candy Unabia, the park’s operating officer, said: “We refute the allegations made against us. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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