After messing up one key scene on ‘Smallville,’ Michael Rosenbaum thought he’d be fired.


Smallville remains in the hearts of many around the world.

Fans credit the series for paving the way for the superhero CW shows that came after it, from Arrow to Superman & Lois. Part of the reason why Smallville is still so highly regarded, however, is because of a phenomenal cast.

Michael Rosenbaum, in particular, won overwhelming praise for his role as the show’s tragic villain Lex Luthor, who some still consider the best live-action portrayal of Superman’s arch-nemesis to date.

Although Rosenbaum stayed on the show for seven of its 10 seasons, the Guardians of The Galaxy actor thought he would get fired a lot sooner.

And it was for messing up one of the series’ most important scenes.

How being unpopular in High School got Michael Rosenbaum into acting

Like many performers, Michael Rosenbaum knew he wanted to be an actor at a young age.

But in the beginning, it was a way to cope with his status at school. In an interview with Composure, Rosenbaum admits he wasn’t one of the cool kids and used acting as a means to be someone else other than himself.

“I wasn’t popular in high school. In fact, I was pretty dorky. I was more comfortable not being me, so acting was the perfect fit,” Rosenbaum said. “You got to go on stage and be someone else for a few hours.

And the response I got after I did my first play, Grease, was amazing. It gave me just enough confidence to do the next play. I really knew I had found my calling.”

Rosenbaum was about to attend graduate school after college. However, his acting mentor at the time told him to forget Grad school because he was ready.

Why Michael Rosenbaum thought he was going to get fired on his first day in ‘Smallville’

Although Rosenbaum stayed on Smallville for seven seasons, he initially thought he wasn’t going to last past the first. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Rosenbaum recalled a scene that sent the Lex Luthor star into such a panic that he didn’t think he’d be able to finish the take. Or the show.

It was the moment where Lex Luthor and Tom Welling’s Clark Kent first crossed paths. In the scene, Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor and Clark Kent end up in a river after Lex accidentally runs into Clark with his car. Lex almost drowns, only for Clark to save him, starting their… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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