After meeting The Beatles, Elvis Presley was so outraged that he wanted them banned from the United States.


After meeting The Beatles, Elvis Presley was so outraged that he wanted them banned from the United States.

THE BEATLES were enormous Elvis fans, but when they were invited to his mansion, things went so wrong that The King fought for years to have the US President ban them from entering the country. John Lennon was the key issue.

Elvis Presley was the biggest star in the world in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Fab Four had become the new global sensation by the time he met them in 1965. Of course, comparisons were drawn all the time. When the Beatles arrived in the United States for their first tour in 1964, they conducted a press conference at JFK Airport and were asked if they were just clones of Elvis Presley. As everyone laughed, a quick-thinking Ringo Starr shrugged up his shoulders and shook his hands and hips like The King, saying, “It’s not real, it’s not true.” The Beatles, on the other hand, were great Elvis admirers and lobbied for a meeting. Unfortunately, it was a complete failure.

Chris Hutchins, a journalist friend of Lennon’s, had been attempting to set up a meeting. “You are simply trying to get these boys some notoriety off my back,” Elvis resisted, telling Hutchins.

Of course, the Fab Four didn’t need any extra attention by the time the meeting took place, and their three US tours in 1964, 1965, and 1966 were a smash hit. The band, particularly Lennon, remained eager to meet the King of Rock n Roll.

“I’d arranged to take them to Elvis’s mansion in Bel Air, something John had been asking me to do since the previous year,” Hutchins recounted in 1965.

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“Elvis had organized a little party for us when we arrived, but it was quite stilted and felt too blatantly set up by me and Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker,” Hutchins continued. John was disappointed in Elvis and taken aback by Parker’s level of control over him.

“It was an unpleasant situation, with John attempting to lighten the mood by imitating Inspector Clouseau, which Elvis found perplexing.”

“Parker cried out as we were leaving and walking down the road.

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