After making a’misleading’ teacher remark in an A-level post, Jeremy Clarkson has received flak.


After making a’misleading’ teacher remark in an A-level post, Jeremy Clarkson has received flak.

JEREMY CLARKSON has received backlash after sharing his annual post about A-level results on social media today.

Jeremy Clarkson followed tradition by bragging about his bad A-level marks as a teenager, despite having a tremendously successful career. The Clarkson’s Farm actor has now been chastised for his remark, with viewers accusing him of “misleading” them.

The 60-year-old is well-known for tweeting his grades and comparing them to his professional achievements.

Since 2014, Jeremy has revealed his A-level results, along with the assurance that if the results aren’t what pupils expected, they shouldn’t be concerned because he has gone on to have a highly successful life.

Despite only receiving a C and two U grades when he took the qualification, the Grand Tour host has stayed on a superyacht in the Mediterranean, booked a French Chateau for the summer, and has a choice of Range Rovers.

The vehicle enthusiast said that he had “ended up happy” because of his 7.4 million followers.

“Don’t worry if the teachers didn’t give you the A-level results you wanted,” Jeremy wrote.

“I got a C and 2Us and ended up with a Bentley and a lot of friends.”

However, several social media users took issue with Jeremy’s use of language in his tweet.

The TV farmer was chastised for implying that professors “give” grades rather than students earning them.

“Teachers are not ‘giving’ grades,” one irritated commentator commented. This is quite deceptive.”

“Teachers don’t ‘give’ pupils grades; students earn them,” said another.

“Could you please modify the terminology regarding teachers issuing grades? It just makes it sound like we made it up out of thin air when, in reality, we have to judge specific criteria in order to provide grades,” a third added.

Others were overjoyed that Jeremy had shared his A-level drive for the year.

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“Every year on A level results day, I look forward to this tweet,” one social media user remarked.

“Thank you for reminding them once again, Jeremy, that examinations aren’t the only thing that may push someone to success,” one wrote. It’s such an important lesson.”

“Aah, Jezza’s annual A-level tweet. “Brinkwire Summary News” is something we came up with.


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