After launching his own football app, the ex-Manchester United player has become a successful businessman.


After launching his own football app, the former Manchester United star is now a successful businessman.

Febian Brandy has made a name for himself in the business world after creating and developing an app called Skouted, which is similar to a football version of LinkedIn where players can upload video of themselves to get trial offers.

After retiring from professional football at the age of 28, a former Manchester United youngster has built a successful business career.

Febian Brandy joined United at the age of eight and went on to play in the club’s youth academy alongside Gerard Pique, Danny Drinkwater, Fabio and Rafael Da Silva, and Tom Cleverley.

Despite being scouted by Barcelona at one point, Brandy was unable to break into the Manchester United first team and left the club in 2010 without making a single appearance.

He went on to play for eight different teams over the next seven years, including one in Thailand, before deciding to take a break in 2018 to focus on a new football app he’d developed.

Skouted is a football-themed version of LinkedIn, in which players submit video footage of themselves in order to be considered for trials.

It began as a way for professionals to get a second chance in the game, but it has since evolved into a multi-purpose football employment network.

Skouted has 10,000 users in 82 countries, countless players on trial in the UK and abroad, and Brandy has even discussed forming a business relationship with the renowned Johan Cruyff institute in Barcelona.

Brandy said his time at Manchester United inspired him to create a landscape where young footballers who don’t make it to the top aren’t forgotten.

“I started at Man United when I was eight years old… and there were a lot of players who weren’t good enough for the club but could have played for a lower team,” Brandy told SPORTbible.

“However, their parent or guardian lacked the connections to get them on that team, and they may lose interest in football.”

“Year after year, this would happen.”

When I was around 28, I realized I needed to build a platform that would allow players to remain in the shop window and in love with football.

“There have been times in my career when football clubs have requested video footage and I haven’t had it.”

It’s a little more difficult.

“It doesn’t say a club will sign Skouted.”

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