After landing, Jeff Bezos was criticized for interrupting William Shatner’s speech to pop champagne.


After landing, Jeff Bezos was criticized for interrupting William Shatner’s speech to pop champagne.

After the Blue Origin rocket landed, William Shatner was expressing his experience when Jeff Bezos cut him off in the middle of his speech.

Fans applauded Willliam Shatner, nicknamed Captain Kirk, as he blasted off into space in Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, making him the oldest person in space at 90 years old. The historic journey in the New Shepard rocket began at 9:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, October 13. Blue Origin’s YouTube channel broadcasted the flight live. After the landing, social media sleuths identified a “cringe” moment when Shatner became upset while discussing his deep experience of being in space, but Bezos cut him off mid-speech to pop the champagne.

Shatner and his team set out atop a hydrogen-fueled rocket, ascended to the edge of space more than 62 miles above Earth, and experienced three to four minutes of weightlessness before returning to a gently parachute-assisted landing.

“It was quite emotional to me.” “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Shatner stated after the landing. He also stated that Bezos provided him with the most deep experience imaginable. “What just transpired has filled me with such feeling… it’s extraordinary,” he remarked.

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In space, Captain Kirk? Blue Origin’s next trip will include William Shatner, 90. How to view and listen to the live broadcast On Blue Origin, William Shatner blasts off into space. A 90-year-old superstar who grabbed the world’s interest on space travel in the 1960s and beyond now gets his once-in-a-lifetime journey and is conveying the significance of the moment… “Hey, let’s get some champagne and squirt it all over everyone!” #BlueOrigin — Oh Cleveland’s Stef Fanski 13th of October, 2021 Blue Origin was making its second mission to space. Wally Funk, who was accompanied by Bezos and his brother Mark on Blue Origin’s maiden voyage to orbit on July 20, became the oldest person to have been into space at the age of 82. “I want to see space, I want to see the Earth, I want to see what we need to do to save Earth,” Shatner declared before the launch. I’d like to see things from a different perspective than I’ve seen before. That’s what I’m looking forward to witnessing.” ‘That was a hugely embarrassing time…’ Netizens chastised Bezos for interrupting Shatner’s speech to pop the champagne when he was describing his flight into space. “Massively awkward moment there,” one Twitter user wrote, “when Shatner begins to lecture Bezos about how meaningful space was, but all Bezos wants to do is open some champagne. #BlueOrigin.” “F**k Jeff Bezos!” wrote another. Why did you do it? Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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