After it rains, you still need to water your plants, according to a Gardeners’ World expert.


After it rains, you still need to water your plants, according to a Gardeners’ World expert.

A GARDENERS’ WORLD expert has provided some important watering “top tips,” including why you should continue to water your plants even if it rains. “Don’t be deceived by rain,” the gardening expert said.

As the weather in the UK heats up again, Brits may be wondering if they need to adjust their watering routine. When the weather warms up, make sure to water your plants at least once a day. When watering your plants, though, it’s critical to utilize the proper technique and not rely on rainfall to do the job for you.

Kevin Smith, a Gardeners’ World expert, explains how to water your pot plants and why you still need to water them when it rains.

Kevin gave an important “top tip” in a Gardeners’ World No Fuss Guide video.

“Don’t be deceived by rain!” he urged. You’re probably wrong if you think it’s rained and you don’t need to water a container.

“Because of all of this lush flora covering the compost surface, no rain reaches anything at all.”

Regular upkeep, according to the Gardeners’ World specialist, is a “essential aspect” of keeping a container in “tip top shape.”

Your container plants may perish if you don’t take care of them, and they will “not look very attractive.”

“The most important thing to keep on top of is watering,” he continued.

“It’s something you should do from the minute you plant the container and should continue to do on a regular basis throughout its life.

“When watering, make sure the flow of water is directed directly at the compost.

“You don’t want to sprinkle the leaves since it won’t help at all.

“Also, go slowly so no water pours over the edge and is wasted.”

According to Kevin, you should also think about the types of plants you have.

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Some plants, for example, require far more watering than others.

In hot weather, crops like tomato plants may need to be watered many times per day.

Other plants, on the other hand, may not require as much water.

“If you have extremely thirsty stuff like crops or tropical cannas, they’re going to need a lot of water,” the gardening expert explained.

“They’re really thirsty and require a lot of moisture in the compost to thrive.

“Other things don’t require as much effort.

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