After his terrible demise, Adam Henson rejected claims that he “sugarcoats” harsh Countryfile episodes.


After his terrible demise, Adam Henson rejected claims that he “sugarcoats” harsh Countryfile episodes.

After people criticized his presenting manner, ADAM HENSON dismissed suggestions that he was “sugarcoating” horrible situations.

In the BBC series Countryfile, Adam Henson, 55, discusses everything from farming to veganism. Despite his extended tenure on the show, some viewers have chastised him in the past for portraying unpleasant occurrences on camera, such as animals dying, in a reportedly “soft and fluffy” manner.

Adam, who first appeared on Countryfile in 2001, is a regular on the show.

The BBC personality has repeatedly refuted claims that he is soft on camera, stating that “he tells it like it is.”

In 2019, the presenter, for example, spoke about the death of a foal and had to communicate his reaction with viewers.

While the news was “heartbreaking,” the Countryfile host stated they had to go on.

“It always surprises me when people say I sugarcoat things because I tell it like it is,” Adam said. “It’s not good when animals die in front of the camera.”

“We had a rare horse give birth, and the foal died,” he added.

“I had to be myself when the camera team inquired how I was feeling.”

“It was heartbreaking,” Adam continued, “but we need to go on and hopefully she’ll have a foal next year.”

After reacting to the sad tragedy two years ago, the BBC celebrity instantly walked away.

He told The Mirror, “Then I walked off and they played sad plinky-plonky music over it.”

Adam, one of the most well-known farmers in the UK, has his own segment on BBC’s Countryfile, which is watched by millions of people every Sunday evening.

The host manages his busy Cotswold Farm Park when the cameras aren’t running.

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In front of his 35,000 followers, Adam shared some wonderful news on Thursday.

The TV celebrity was overjoyed to announce the arrival of a new addition to his farm.

“Last week, we welcomed a beautiful new Albion calf to the farm to Mum, Valentine,” he wrote.

“This is a really healthy calf who will carry on the bloodline of this breed.”

The hashtags “#cowsofinstagram #albion #rarebreeds #cotswolds” were added by Adam.

The photo of the Countryfile host holding the calf accompanied the frank message.

Fans were ecstatic. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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