After having a bad reaction to his siblings leaving, a toddler on TikTok has gone viral.


The latest school challenges on TikTok may be far from wholesome, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things on the platform that feel far more wholesome. Babies, for example, remain cute, and that’s why an evil toddler who acts way too old to be in diapers is currently trending on the platform. The toddler was deeply upset after he saw his siblings leaving for school.

The popular TikTok channel Beleaf N’ Family posted the video, and it seems that family patriarch Glen Henry was the one behind the camera. The video was captioned “Uncle Baby finna need therapy,” and has already received almost 40 million views on the platform. In the video, Glen says goodbye to one of his older children as they head off to school, and films his two-year-old toddler’s reaction.

At first, the toddler just stands there, looking mopey and upset about his sibling’s departure. Then, Glen says “all right, this is hands down the most emotional baby I have ever seen in my life.” Glen continues by saying that this is his toddler’s honest reaction to his siblings leaving. Then, his toddler starts look angry and begins waving his hands around in the air before smacking himself several times.

“He’s not just upset; he’s upset that he’s upset,” Glen explains. “So, what exactly does he do? He gives himself a slap across the face. This is an external manifestation of his internal feelings.”

Glen also provided one additional explanation. “People ask me why I didn’t laugh,” Glen said. “Because I was frightened. This is the origin story of a nefarious villain.” His toddler gives a devilish grin to the camera at the end of the video that seems to confirm his claim.

Given how many times it’s been watched, it’s no surprise that the evil toddler video has engendered such strong responses from people.

“He blames himself for getting attached, for letting them get close but that smirk means he’ll get his vengeance,” one user jokingly wrote.

“That little evil smirk at the end got me,” another added.

#FatherhoodBreakdown loading 😳 😂 Uncle Baby finna need therapy😂. #NationalSonsDay

Glen posted an update following the first video in which he and his toddler can be seen playfully wrestling, hopefully to work out all that aggression that the toddler has stored up. Glen even asks his son if he’s… Brinkwire short summary.


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