After giving away a costly The Chase answer, Bradley Walsh admits he ‘can’t help it.’


After giving away a costly The Chase answer, Bradley Walsh admits he ‘can’t help himself.’

On Wednesday afternoon, BRADLEY WALSH was forced to apologize to one The Chase contestant and Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett after his inability to control his laughter “gave away” the answer to a question.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Chase, Mark Labbett was the Chaser tasked with preventing a group of four aspiring quizzers from walking away with a large sum of money.

Kathrine, Ollie, Sharon, and Carlton all hoped that their general knowledge skills would be enough to beat The Beast in their head-to-head battles, which were moderated by ITV presenter Bradley Walsh.

However, first player Kathrine almost received some assistance from The Chase frontman when he burst out laughing at one of her brainteasers answers.

Kathrine appeared to be a formidable opponent for Mark when the two met at the table, having amassed £8,000 in her cash-builder.

Despite the lower offer of a generous £2,000, Kathrine chose to keep what she’d earned in order to return to the Final Chase.

She failed to do so, but during her final question to Mark, Bradley defended himself, fearing he’d “given away” the answer and thus inadvertently aided Kathrine.

Bradley’s brainteaser was: “In sumo wrestling, who is the gyoji?”

“A – Referee, B – Top-ranked wrestler, C – Loincloth cleaner,” the Chase host read aloud as the possible answers.

Bradley burst out laughing as Kathrine and Mark locked in their answers as soon as he said the final possible answer.

“I can’t help it,” Bradley said, chuckling.

“Because I don’t see the questions, I’m guessing it’s not C, is it?”

Mark, on the other hand, interjected, “Well, it might be!” in order to maintain the tension in the studio.

Bradley replied, still laughing, “No, it can’t be a loincloth cleaner.”

“Don’t be a knucklehead.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, I know one of them isn’t,” Mark added, “so that’s the alternative to what I’d have gone.”

As it turned out, Bradley’s suspicions were correct, and loincloth cleaner was the incorrect answer.

Kathrine chose top-ranked wrestler, while Mark chose referee, and the Chaser was correct.

While Bradley’s laughter may have swayed Kathrine, it swayed her in the wrong direction, and her pricey response ensured she would leave the show empty-handed.

The question’s hilarity didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home, including @pauldevenish.

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