After fans spotted a big blunder in the Squid Game, Gi-hun should have perished.


After fans spotted a big blunder in the Squid Game, Gi-hun should have perished.

Fans of SQUID GAME have been perplexed by a big omission regarding the show’s protagonist Seong Gi-hun, with some saying he should have been killed in the season finale.

Since its September premiere on Netflix, the South Korean miniseries Squid Game has gathered up millions of viewers and rave reviews. Unfortunately, once subscribers reached the thrilling season finale, not everything about the horrific social thriller made sense.

Fans believe Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a down-on-his-luck driver and gambling addict, should not have survived the last episode of Squid Game.

After being indebted to the tune of millions of won, Gi-hun joins the series of sadistic games as player 456.

He wins the trial and walks away with the prize money, but the climax flashes forward a year and reveals that he has scarcely touched his money.

Despite the fact that he is still on the run from multiple debt collectors, Gi-hun does not appear to have utilized any of his newfound wealth to pay off his debts.

After being distracted by the blatant continuity error, one viewer moved to Reddit.

“I’m quite curious about what happened to the hundreds of millions of won that Gi-Hun owed to people,” user ScreenHype wrote.

“I really doubt he’s been working a decent job after that first year, given his state.”

Gi-hun is sporting long hair and a beard to evade capture a year after winning the games against Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo).

However, given that he still owes millions in debt, this fan was perplexed as to how he was able to get by without withdrawing his Squid Game wins.

They admitted that once he found his mother’s (Kim Young-ok) death during the games, he may have received some of her money.

“If she had that much,” they added, “she would have been able to finance the surgery for herself.”

Gi-mother hun’s may have been saving money to leave to her son, but the series shows they were barely scraping by.



It’s improbable that Gi-hun would have been able to survive so long after the final games if he hadn’t found a solid employment and refused to utilize his prize money.

This fan said that he wouldn’t have been able to get by on the little he had before entering the games, despite the fact that he is plainly still poor.

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