After fans’ concerns for the dog in After Life 3, Ricky Gervais opens up about the ‘devastating’ news.


After fans’ concerns for Ricky Gervais’ dog in After Life 3, he opens up about the ‘devastating’ news.

RICKY GERVAIS has spoken out about how pets can aid in the grieving process after confirming that his beloved on-screen dog Brandy will return in the new series of After Life.

After putting their cat Ollie down in March, Ricky Gervais and his wife Jane were left “devastated.”

Following the ordeal, the creator of After Life said he made sure his on-screen dog Brandy didn’t die in the upcoming series because he couldn’t imagine the pain.

The actor portrays Tony Johnson, a depressed widower who has lost his cancer-stricken wife Lisa.

He watches various videos she left him while in hospital throughout the series, including one in which she tells him to take care of the dog.

Tony had been considering suicide after she died, but he was stopped when he realized he couldn’t leave his dog behind.

Weeks later, the journalist’s father died in his care home, bringing him more bad news.

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“I made the dog as important as anything on the planet,” Ricky told The Mirror ahead of series three.

“That dog literally and metaphorically saved Tony’s life.

It’s true that they do.

I’ve met a lot of people who got a dog after their partner died, or whose children got them a dog after their partner died, and it completely transformed their lives.

“You know, a pet is a family member, so they were happy again.”

In March, we had to put our cat down, and I was heartbroken.

“I can’t imagine a dog dying, so I can’t imagine it happening.”

It’s the only time I give a spoiler – the dog does not die!”

When the trailer was released earlier this month, Netflix reassured fans that the dog would not die, despite their concerns.

“Little worried by the fact that I haven’t yet seen @rickygervais tweet the reassuring line ‘The dog does NOT die’ about the new series,” Twitter user Tash commented.

“I really enjoy the After Life series,” said Jeannette Baldwin.

I’m hoping the dog doesn’t die in season three.

If he does, there will undoubtedly be tears.”

“I’m buzzed for After Life 3, but if the dog dies, my 2022 is ruined (hashtag)AfterLife3,” Aemilia_bentley added.

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