After enduring a terrible loss, Elvis Presley did not watch “Love Me Tender”


Few people, including Elvis Presley, have made their mark on American music history.

The iconic icon revolutionized the music of rock ‘n’ roll and proved he was a talented actor as well. He appeared in a variety of movies that were box office successes, and it looked like Elvis fever was on everyone in America.

One movie was there, which meant more to the singer than the others. Sadly, after an extremely sad incident, Presley couldn’t even watch it….

From humble origins, the “King of Rock and Roll”

Elvis Presley once dropped $55,000 to own a slice of the history of Franklin Roosevelt,

As he came from very modest beginnings and went on to great success, Elvis Presley was an inspiration to many. The biography states that Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

But when growing up, he moved around a lot. His twin brother was stillborn, and no other siblings were with him. When his father remarried after his mother died, he had three stepbrothers, Live About says.

Presley was much older than his stepbrothers, and he was more like a brother than a father figure. His stepbrothers worked for him as bodyguards and assistants as he rose to stardom, lending a hand whenever needed.

Growing up in a strongly religious family had an immense influence on the young Presley. Gospel music was a huge part of their lives, and at a young age, his musical talent was obvious. He got a very special present from his mother when Presley was 11 – his first guitar.

He won a talent show at his high school a few years later.

For a young singer, this triumph was just the beginning.

He began pursuing a musical career after graduating from high school in 1953. While writing songs and attempting to break into the music industry, he worked at various weird jobs to pay the bills. Later that year, at Sun Studio, his first demo was recorded.

Sam Phillips, the owner of the label, took a particular interest in Presley.

He was touring and recording music before he knew it. In 1954, he released his first single.

Elvis Presley rapidly developed an adorable fan base

Elvis Presley was a thrill-seeker, says Lisa Marie Presley, his driving ‘could be the last minute’

In 1955, Presley released his first No. 1 single, ‘Heartbreak Hotel.’ He signed with RCA Records, and at a furious pace, his career took off.

An extremely loyal fan base was drawn by the handsome singer. His straight hair, irresistible charm and mesmerizing dance moves had women everywhere raving.

By 1956, Presley had his first number one album and a film contract with Paramount. He became a sought-after guest on variety shows – anyone who had Elvis as a guest could be sure of a huge television audience that night. People all over the country were glued to their screens just to catch a glimpse of the young heartthrob.

Soon Elvis became an icon of rock ‘n’ roll. His shows were filled to the brim with screaming fans, and no one could get enough of the young star. Presley had 18 No. 1 singles and numerous platinum albums. In 1986, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In the late 90s, he was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as well as the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, Presley developed a drug problem during his career.

This addiction eventually led to his death at the young age of 42.

Elvis was buried near his parents and grandmother.

Elvis Presley couldn’t bear to watch ‘Love Me Tender’.

Dolly Parton once said that she felt that she and Elvis were ‘related’

The 1956 film “Love Me Tender” was a musical western starring Presley as Clint Reno. Reno is the youngest of four brothers who have gone off to fight in the Civil War. Reno stays home to help on the farm and eventually falls in love with his oldest brother’s girlfriend.

The family believes the brother is dead, and when he returns home years later, a rivalry flares up between the boys.

Presley’s parents made a cameo appearance in the film, which meant a lot to him. He was very close to his parents, especially his mother. His mother, Gladys, passed away in 1958, and that was a hard blow for the young star. It is said that after his mother’s death, Presley could not bear to watch Love Me Tender and never saw the film again.


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