After discovering a “bloody” spill in her newborn daughter’s bedroom, Stacey Solomon “creeped out.”


After discovering a “bloody” spill in her newborn daughter’s bedroom, Stacey Solomon “creeped out.”

STACEY SOLOMON took to social media to express her dismay after discovering a dark red stain on the floorboards of her expectant daughter’s bedroom when taking up the carpet.

Stacey Solomon, 31, of the Loose Women panel, has resorted to Instagram to reveal that a “bloody”-looking spot on the floor of her unborn baby daughter’s bedroom has her “creeped out.” The presenter is expecting her and Joe Swash’s second child and has been documenting the DIY process for her daughter’s future room on social media.

I’m hoping someone spilled coffee up here back in the day, since this is giving me the creeps.

Solomon, Stacey

The TV personality began gleefully ripping up her paint-covered carpet in front of her 4.6 million followers Thursday afternoon, showing them the state of her paint-covered carpet.

“Today is the day that this dirty carpet is disappearing, woo!” she exclaimed.

The celebrity stated that her infant daughter’s nursery would be refurbished with new flooring after revealing her newly-painted pink wardrobe.

“The baby’s flooring is going down today, I can finally say goodbye to this carpet,” she wrote beside the video.

Next to laughing emojis, Stacey added, “I’ve never been so excited.”

In the next scene, however, the Tap to Tidy star reveals a big crimson stain beneath the old carpet.

“I really hope someone spilt a coffee up here back in the day, because this is creeping me out,” Stacey added as she slowly showed the blood-colored patch.

“Although I haven’t seen Joe in a while…” she remarked, laughing.

The mother-of-three said in the post that the last time she saw her fiance, he was out buying DIY supplies.

“I really hope this is coffee or ketchup, either way it’s bl**dy getting ripped up, pardon the pun,” Stacey added, referring to the stain.

“When I mentioned that I hadn’t seen Joe in a while, he stated he was ‘going to get paint’ three hours ago…”

After one of her followers advised her to “get the holy water ready,” a concerned Stacey confessed she was cleaning her daughter’s room in a different way.

“I don’t have any holy water; where do you think you’re going to get it?” She polled her audience.

“It’s not like they sell it in ASDA,” she added. I don’t have either holy water or sage.”

Stacey explained her less than as “Brinkwire Summary News” in place of the items.


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