After disclosing Lilibet’s teething issues, TV anchor Karl Stefanovic mocks Meghan Markle for ‘acting like 1st parent ever.’


After disclosing Lilibet’s teething issues, TV anchor Karl Stefanovic mocks Meghan Markle for ‘acting like 1st parent ever.’

MEGHAN Markle has been chastised for acting as if she’s “the first parent ever” after informing Ellen DeGeneres about her daughter’s teething issues.

On Australia’s Today program, the Duchess of Sussex’s comments to a US talk show host on Lilibet’s big milestone were reviewed.

The Duke and Duchesses’ baby was born in the United States in June, but the date and location of her Christening have yet to be determined.

Meghan said she was looking for “anything to help” her six-month-agony old’s during the open talk with the chat show host as she raved about her “wonderful life” in California.

However, after watching a footage, Today host Karl Stefanovic sarcastically quipped, “It’s like she’s the first mother ever!”

With a smile on her face, co-host Alison Langdon sought to defend the Duchess, saying, “Stop, it’s vital stuff” for new mothers who are teething their children.

Dad-of-four Stefanovic, on the other hand, was not having it, saying, “When you get two!” “It was wonderful to see she wasn’t bashing on the royals,” Langdon added in defense of the Duchess.

“It was interesting to learn about her home life,” she continued.

Stefanovic, who has been critical of Meghan in the past, retorted, “Even by being there she is dumping on the royals.”

🔵 For the most up-to-date information, visit our Meghan and Harry live blog. He also surprised viewers in October when he suggested that the Queen would use her new walking stick to “knock up” his colleague. Meghan spilled the beans on her acting days before meeting Prince Harry during a surprise appearance on Ellen.

She also revealed how their six-month-old has already achieved some significant milestones in a rare insight into the couple’s family life.

“Anything to help” Lilibet’s teething pain, the duchess said, to which Ellen answered, “Tequila, anything.”

“That’s Auntie Ellen for you,” Meghan quipped, and the talk show host acknowledged, saying, “That’s why I don’t have kids.”

After receiving “five or six bottles” of holy water from the River Jordan during his journey to the Middle East, Prince Charles fuelled speculation that the newborn could be baptized with it this week.

However, a source stated that the Sussexes will spend Christmas in the United States, implying that they have no plans to visit the UK anytime soon.

Meghan was a riot during the preview clip of her interview with Ellen, as she reminisced about her acting days.

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