After ‘destroying the entire studio,’ Kate Garraway made her bosses furious.


After ‘destroying the entire studio,’ Kate Garraway made her bosses furious.

When an on-set accident nearly “destroyed the entire studio,” KATE GARRAWAY admitted she enraged her bosses.

Presenter Ben Shephard apologized to ITV viewers on Friday’s episode of Good Morning Britain after the camera cut to a black screen with the words ‘KATE andamp; DEREK STILL ULAY’ on it.

Following that, the popular daytime show experienced numerous technical difficulties during its live broadcast.

Random technical difficulties prompted co-host Kate Garraway to reveal a “shameful” coffee mishap from the past, which resulted in a slew of issues on set.

“I swept my hand across the studio with my enthusiasm,” Kate began.

“On the mixing desk, I poured an entire double latte with vanilla.”

“However, this is truly reprehensible; I was simply panicked because I didn’t know them well.”

“I may have spilt a little bit of something on the desk, but it appears to be fine,” I explained.

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“Anyway, it destroyed the entire studio,” the ITV host shamefully revealed.

“They got the security camera’s which I didn’t know existed,” the TV star added uncomfortably.

Ben, her co-host, was shocked by the news and exclaimed, “No!”

He questioned, “And they were able to track you down?”

“They were able to see!” Kate exclaimed, her face flushed with embarrassment as she recounted the incident.

After CCTV footage in the studio drew the wrath of the show’s producers, the GMB star had nowhere to hide.

She cringed as she said, “They walked in and said, ‘A tiny bit of coffee?'”

“So the boss still tells me, ‘You cost me the price of a small family car before you even started,'” says the employee.

Ben, who was giggling uncontrollably as a result of his fellow ITV hosts’ gaffe, began to wipe away his tears.

He laughed as he said, “If I cause this problem today…”

“Can we find the security footage of who spilled the coffee in the gallery?” Ben joked.

It comes after Kate talked about receiving an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours earlier this week.

The 54-year-old was invited onto the other side of the sofa on Tuesday’s episode to discuss the honor with presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Bacon.

After a difficult few years, the journalist was asked about her husband Derek Draper’s health, and she admitted that he is still having problems.

The former star of Daybreak admitted it.

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