After criticizing a participant, Bradley Walsh goes off The Chase, joking that he “can’t deal with it.”


After criticizing a participant, Bradley Walsh goes off The Chase, joking that he “can’t deal with it.”

BRADLEY WALSH stormed off The Chase stage tonight during a celebrity special after telling food critic Giles Coren that he “couldn’t deal” with him.

This evening, Bradley Walsh hosted a celebrity special of The Chase, in which he guided four celebrities through the ITV show in the hopes of beating Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and winning money for their respective charities. However, after shutting down restaurant critic Giles Coren, the ITV presenter humorously walked away from the quiz show stage.

The candidates in today’s episode were Giles, journalist Rachel Johnson, naturalist Chris Packham, and comedian Josie Long.

Giles kicked things off for the team by winning £8,000 in the cash builder round.

He accepted Paul’s high offer of £40,000 and, by adding the big figure to the prize, he was able to secure his place in the final.

During his debate with The Sinnerman, though, Bradley chastised the restaurant reviewer for his response to one of the questions.

“What is the name given to a collage of thoughts and images utilized by a designer to build projects?” Bradley wondered.

The responses may be a thinking panel, a mood board, or a mixing shelf.

Giles chose mood board as his option, however Bradley didn’t agree with his reasons.

Bradley verified, “You’ve put up a mood board.” “How did you come up with the idea for the mood board?”

Giles turned to Bradley and pointed his fingers at him, saying, “I was in the mood.”

Bradley walked away from the rest of the team, mortified by the dancing motion.

The presenter reprimanded, “Oh none of your dance skills here son, can’t be dealing with that.”

“That isn’t a dance move,” Giles protested, prompting Bradley to inquire, “Isn’t it?”

“I had a website done last year, and it was delayed by four months because they requested for a mood board,” Paul remarked properly.

“And in four months, I had to figure out what kind of earth people wanted.”

Rachel accompanied the restaurant critic into the final, contributing £4,000 to the pot, but Chris was caught by the Chaser after accepting his high offer of £50,000.

Josie contributed £1,000 to the prize pool, but Paul beat the team in the final with just two seconds to spare.

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