After claiming she’s ‘too obese’ for a breath test, a mother of two has been barred from driving for a year.


After claiming she’s ‘too obese’ for a breath test, a mother of two has been barred from driving for a year.

Deborah Owens, 35, of Worcestershire, was arrested after her partner reported her for driving while intoxicated. She failed two efforts to register a sample after initially declining a breath test. After claiming to be ‘too overweight’ to blow into a roadside breathalyzer machine, a mother of two has been barred from driving.

Deborah Owens, 35, was reported by her partner after driving her automobile while inebriated.

On July 26, when police arrived at her home in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, she initially declined to give a breath sample.

She next “tried her hardest to supply two samples in the three minutes given,” but failed to blow hard enough, stating she was “an overweight smoker,” according to the court.

She was arrested and pleaded guilty in Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Monday to failing to produce a breath sample for analysis.

She had driven a 12-mile round journey into town and back before her boyfriend raised the alarm, according to the court.

Prosecutor Sarah Hurd said: “Officers were dispatched to this lady’s residence after her partner reported that she was conducting a separate offense (drink driving).

“Officers requested that she perform a roadside breath test. She was riled up at the time and refused.” She was subsequently escorted to a police station, where officials persuaded her to do the breathalyzer test after much prodding.

Ms Hurd went on to say: “She simply isn’t capable of doing so. It’s not an outright denial.

“She has never been convicted of anything before. It’s going to be a problem for her. Her employment will be taken away from her.” Owens chose to represent herself in court, explaining that her profession as a domiciliary care worker required her to travel to areas like Worcester, Droitwich, and Ombersley.

“If you take my license, I’m out the door,” she declared.

She claimed in court that she was “an overweight smoker” who was unable to submit a breath sample.

She was given a 12-month driving prohibition, a £200 fine, and was told to pay £100 in court costs and a £34 victim fee.

If she successfully completes a drink driver’s rehabilitation course, her suspension will be reduced to 12 weeks.

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