After cheating at a Christmas party, a woman who is “sick” of sex with her partner has four affairs.


After cheating at a Christmas party, a woman who is “sick” of sex with her partner has four affairs.

After bedding a colleague at an office Christmas party, the 31-year-old admin professional from Buckinghamshire began having kinky encounters behind her boyfriend’s back.

After claiming to have had four affairs, a woman has revealed why she began cheating on her spouse.

Claire*, a 31-year-old Buckinghamshire woman, had always been more interested in sex than her long-term partner.

So, two years ago, the admin worker slept with a coworker behind her partner’s back at a Christmas party.

She realized how much she adored the thrill of clandestine sex when she strayed for the first time.

She’s had a number of affairs since then, after becoming bored with sex with her three-year boyfriend.

“Christmas is my favorite time of the year,” she remarked. I liked to get a little flirtatious under the mistletoe and have a good time.

“My first Christmas fling changed my life and instilled in me a strong craving for illegal sex.”

“Our office Christmas bash is back this year after a 12-month hiatus for Covid,” Claire continued.

“Everyone is looking forward to getting together, and I’ll be as racy as ever.” It’s going to be a great time.” “Sex was amazing at first but it tailed down after the first year,” Claire recalled of her own relationship.

“We got into this Sunday morning bonk habit.” Sex was once a week, at the same time, in the same position, and for the same amount of time.” “Sex is like eating — eat the same dish every day and you’ll become weary of it,” she concluded.

“I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend because we had just bought a house together, but I also didn’t want to settle for a bad sex life.”

Claire had a flirting friendship with a coworker, which blossomed into an affair during the office Christmas party.

Claire found herself having sex with a coworker on a bench near the hotel where the party was taking place.

She was apprehensive of becoming further connected with her coworker and cooled things down following their passionate night.

Instead, she went to, the UK’s most popular affairs website.

“I wasn’t seeking for a new relationship – just some discreet affairs with people in similar positions to me,” Claire said.

“It’s as if I’m rediscovering the pleasures of sex for the second time.”

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