After being shot with a’muscle relaxant’ while on a hen do, a woman was horrified.


After being shot with a’muscle relaxant’ while on a hen do, a woman was horrified.

After a night out with a friend, Rebecca Derbyshire claims she was “targeted” with the suspected muscle relaxant and left feeling “dizzy” and “fuzzy” in Liverpool city centre.

A woman claims her companion saved her from horrible predators after she was allegedly’spiked’ with a needle on a night out.

While out on a hen do in Liverpool, Rebecca Derbyshire, 26, claims she was injected with an unknown substance.

According to the Mirror, the landscape designer stated her buddy glanced at her arm and saw a needle imprint.

Rebecca, a Stoke-on-Trent resident, said: “My shoulder was pierced by a sharp object. It was a very strange sensation.

“I turned around and told my pal, ‘I believe I’ve just been injected.’

“We searched the area around my arm for a needle mark and tried to figure out who might have done it.

“It’s difficult to imagine what would have happened if my friend hadn’t been there.

“I believe I was targeted after she left and I was alone at the bar, making me more susceptible.” The majority of my pals had already gone home, but we managed to stay together.” On September 25, Rebecca and her buddy were drinking at the city center’s Rubber Soul pub when she became unwell and drowsy and went straight back to their hotel.

She described herself as “fuzzy, bewildered,” and “shook up” following the experience. I’m dizzy and nauseated.

She received a medical checkup afterwards, which included HIV and hepatitis tests. Doctors told Rebecca that whoever injected her had no idea what they were doing because her bloodstream had been missed.

They believe it was most likely a muscle relaxant that “temporarily paralyzed” her.

Rebecca just reported her ordeal to police last week after seeing other victims of needle spiking come forward.

In the last two months, cops around the country have documented 24 needle spiking incidents and 140 cases of drink spiking.

This month has seen an increase in reports of spiking using both needles and liquids.

Because date-rape drugs like rohypnol and GHB leave the bloodstream within 12 hours, according to Jo Cox-Brown, founder of Night Time Economy, it’s critical to report a spiking to police as soon as possible.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has directed police to look into the spike in spiking.

A petition with over 160,000 signatures has been circulated to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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